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These are all the people that contributed to DTA's development.

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- AedisToru
- AlexB
- Aro
- Aqrit
- Berend Engelbrecht
- BlazeHedgie
- CCHyper
- Craftsman
- Crash
- Chronoseth
- cybermind
- DavyCrockett
- dkeeton
- DonutArnold
- Drive
- E1 Elite
- Flame
- Flippy
- FunkyFr3sh
- Gangster
- j4m3sb0nd
- hifi
- Iran
- Kerbiter
- kilkakon
- Lin Kuei Ominae
- Machine
- MeesterMan
- Mig Eater
- Morpher
- Muldrake
- Narzoul
- Nolt
- Nooze
- Nyerguds
- OmegaBolt
- Polish'dPole
- Ragox
- raminator
- Rampastring
- Reaperr
- ReFlex
- Reaperr
- Rin
- SeriousToni
- Sombracier
- Starkku
- stormrider
- SuperJoe
- Tiberius
- tomsons26
- TrainStation
- Tyler Adams
- Warlord
- Bittah Commander

Made the following maps:

  • Aurora Clash
  • Desert Lakes
  • Small Town USA

Wrote the following hacks:

  • The game to allocates all graphics to the system RAM instead of allocating some of it to the video RAM.
    Without this hack, graphics that are normally allocated in the video RAM first have to be copied to the system RAM before the game is able to use them and this process can slow down the game a little or a lot, depending on your system (for some systems it's even so much land that the game becomes unplayable).
  • Idle (guarding) units will no longer chase after enemies that move out of firing range.
  • Units in Area Guard mode will now revert to regular Guard mode when you press S.
  • It's no longer possible for more than 75 icons to appear on the sidebar, causing the game to crash.
  • Made it possible for different harvesters to have different "harvester without back" images.
  • A fix that allows the game to play random music tracks after a theme that's specified for a map has finished playing (normally the game would go silent after a map's specified theme finished playing).
  • A fix that for the infamous "100-unit-bug", that caused the AI to keep spamming only one single unit when more than 100 buildable units exist.
  • Made it possible to have more than one "Base Unit" and "BuildConst structure" in the game.
  • A fix that entirely prevents the "New Construction Options" bug for structures.
  • A fix for a crash that commonly happens on maps where an AI's harvesters and infantry frequently intersect on tunnel entrances.
  • Made health bars appear over units and structures when you hover the mouse cursor over them.
  • Made harvesters automatically move to the nearest tiberium field and start harvesting right after they leave a war factory and also when you select it and press the G (Guard Area) key.
  • Made it unnecessary to hold Alt to set rally points and made it necessary to hold Alt to un-deploy the Aircraft Carrier.
  • Fixed the "Build Off Ally" option so that you were able to build next to civilian structures and laser fences again.
  • Fixed unit shadows so that they wont blink when a unit flashes.
  • Made infantry able to walk over gems (Tiberium Cruentus).
  • Fixed dkeeton's patch that prevents units from automatically firing at barrels.

Made the sidebar icons for the Hover MLRS, the XO Powersuit, the JumpJet infantry and the Longbow, made
the pebble tiles, the building bibs and made the multiplayer map "Hollow Grave".

Developed the IE-DDraw and the DDWrapper renderers.

Berend Engelbrecht
Developed QRes; a resolution switch tool which is used by DTA to automatically switch to 16-bit colors when running the game in windowed mode.
Copyright (c) 1997-2005 by Berend Engelbrecht. All rights reserved.

Made the following maps:

  • Gold Rush
  • Rocktagon


  • Made the vectors I'm using for the loading screen images.
  • Made the original versions of the Repair, Sell, Power and Waypoint buttons (I resized and further edited these to make them fit with DTA's GDI/Nod and Allied/Soviet sidebars).
  • Provided information that helped Iran, dkeeton and Rampastring with engine hacks.
  • Applied or assisted me with the following HEX hacks:
    • Change the highest selectable tech level in multiplayer games
    • Make SHP units use 32 facings instead of 8
    • Lowering the laser detail so that they look thinner and will no longer cause WaveClass errors
    • Disable the AutoShore in FinalSun by default (so that I could remove the option)
    • Disable FinalSun's "Tip of the day"
    • Allow the tiberium's image to get affected by lighting
    • Allow the game to start even if the movies mix isn't found (without ignoring it if it does exist)
    • Gave ships bigger selection boxes

Made the following maps:

  • Canyon Chase
  • Death Valley
  • Dust Devils
  • Desert Storm
  • Tower of Power
  • The Crater
  • Dusk
  • Canyon Chase 2
  • Tiberian Twilight
  • A Path Beyond
  • Beach Landing
  • Field
  • Red Valley
  • Arctic Circle

Provided a hack to allow FinalSun to do 255 undo/redo actions instead of just 15.


  • Made the "Forest Clearing" multiplayer map (in collaboration with Flame).
  • Made changes to the "Under Siege II" mission to make it more playable in Enhanced mode.

Made the maps "Deceiving Adjacency" and "Delirious Island".


  • Made the following units and buildings:
    • termite
    • subterranean APC (unused)
    • hovercraft
    • torpedo boat
    • cyborg prototype
    • stealth generator
    • stealth APC
    • mobile sensor array
    • tesla hovercraft
    • Recolored the Nod Comm. Center
  • Made sidebar icons for the following:
    • tiberium fuel
    • mobile repair vehicle
    • microwave tank
    • research facility
    • Ion Cannon Uplink
    • hijacker
    • stealth APC
    • cyborg prototype
    • hovercraft
    • torpedo boat
    • subterranean APC
    • termite
    • stealth generator
    • field repair
    • stealth APC
    • mobile sensor array
    • tesla hovercraft
  • Made the following maps:
    • Forest of Fear
    • Chaos Rivers
    • Razor Blade"

  • dkeeton
    Wrote a hack that makes units and defenses automatically fire at armed civilian units.
  • Made it possible for saving in multiplayer matches to happen automatically at a specified interval.
  • Made the spy work properly (and thus made it usable) by making sure that after infiltrating another player's radar, that player will only clear shroud for the player that infiltrated their radar and also by making the AI ignore the spy's disguise (it was too overpowered to use against AI players otherwise).
  • Added an option that makes it necessary to hold Alt while pressing the left mouse button to un-depoy units.
  • Added an option to draw a black background behind in-game (chat) messages in order to make them more readable.
  • Made it possible to center the camera on a team by double-tapping that team's number.
  • Made it possible to place a structure that's ready on the sidebar by pressing a hotkey.
  • Made it possible to build the last structure you built again by pressing a hotkey.
  • Made spectators able to drag a box to select multiple units of multiple players at the same time and also made spectators able to see the indicators for power, storage, passengers, ammo and so on.
  • Made the game kick individual players who de-synchronize in a multiplayer match so that the remaining players are able to keep playing.
  • You no longer need to hold Shift to create a waypoint-loop.
  • Wrote a patch that prevents units from automatically firing at barrels (the patch was slightly adjusted by AlexB to make it work).
  • Fixed a bug where aircraft reinforcements with passengers would always spawn with depleted ammo.
  • Wrote a patchthat makes players only able to see what their teammates can see once they die, instead of revealing the whole map.


Made the "Badlands" multiplayer map.


  • Made civilian cars
  • Made the hover transport
  • Made the Hover(craft) MLRS sidebar icon

Made the following maps:

  • Desert City
  • Renegade War
  • Yaseca Island
  • Black Forest
  • Death Prison
  • Shifted War Areas
  • Alpine Assault
  • Mountain Walk
  • Island Tactics
  • Arctic Disaster
  • Turfed Islands
  • Omega City
  • Marooned II
  • Downtown Warfare
  • Bad Neighbors

E1 Elite


  • Made the following maps:
    • Forest Clearing (in collaboration with Craftsman)
    • Chrono Station
  • Made the following units:
    • Heavy Raider
    • Tumbler (crate unit)
    • Illuminator
    • Nod Transport Hovercraft
    • Allied Transport Hovercraft
    • Soviet Transport Hovercraft
  • Made the following other graphics:
    • Veterancy pips
    • Scrap Metal
    • GDI Tech Center buildup animation
    • Multiplayer Score Screen
    • Torpedo projectile
    • Tracers
    • Gatling gun impact animation (and also the sounds)
    • Airstrike superweapon
    • Research Facility
    • Tiberium Fuel upgrade animation
    • Infested trees
    • Smoke/steam animations of the power plants, war factory and research facility
    • A number of rocks and pebbles for the desert theater
    • 16 trees for the desert theater
    • New selection boxes of units that picked up a power-up crate.
    • Train tracks
    • Several christmas props
    • Ferns (map assets)
    • 8 large cacti for the desert theater
    • A plane hangar map asset
    • Several invisible Alpha Light Posts
    • Metal bridges
    • The Flame Tank's extended flamethrower animation

Made the "Operation Curfew Breaker" singleplayer mission and the "Creepy Obstruction" and "Perfect Storm" multiplayer maps.


  • Provided a hack to make it possible to add the "Auto Deploy MCV" game option.
  • Assisted Rampastring with fixing the bug that caused the difficulty of a campaign to always revert to Medium if a saved game was loaded an you progressed to the next mission afterwards.
  • Made the "CnC-DDraw" renderer.

Made the small desert bridges and converted half of the original desert rivers.

Made the tiles for the Ion Cannon beam and made the following maps:

  • Tiberian Blitz
  • Radial Range
  • Triad of Deception
  • Dead Winter
  • The Sandbar
  • Perilous Islands

Developed CnCNet5, which provides better performance in multiplayer games and offers online support for the many new multiplayer options of the TS spawner.
He also developed TS-DDRAW, which greatly enhances the game's performance on Windows 8.

Wrote most of the TS spawner's code, which allows the game to be used with CnCNet5 and also is responsible for many new features, including the following:

  • selecting starting position before a match
  • selecting teams before a match (including properly working human+AI alliances)
  • the ability to have unique sidebars for Allies and Soviet
  • the ability to have loading screens for Allies and Soviet
  • the ability to load single player missions/campaigns, skirmish games, saved games, LAN and online games externally
  • saving/loading saved games to/from a sub-directory
  • displaying messages you typed yourself in online games
  • the possibility for the client to add code to a map for all players before starting a multiplayer match
  • The possibility to pre-place units/structures on a map that belong to players that start at specific locations.
  • automatically displaying the mission briefing at the start of missions
  • allowing mappers to specify specific players as owners of pre-placed units and structures
  • allowing mappers to specify specific players as owners of teams
  • allowing mappers to specify specific players for the "14 Change House..." trigger action parameter
  • allowing tiberium to do no damage when Power=0 is specified for a tiberium type

Iran also provided the additional hacks to allow the game to start without the presence of BLOWFISH.DLL.

Made various contributions to the client

Made the buildup animation of GDI's tech center.

Lin Kuei Ominae

  • Made the following maps:
    • Car Park
    • Tiber
    • Dante's Desert
    • Emerald Canyon
    • Switching Islands
    • Island Raiders
    • Africatorial
    • Trinity
    • Coastal Path
    • Frosty Lake
    • Archipelago
    • Coastal Path Revisited
  • Made the following units:
    • Gunboat
    • Cruiser
    • Missile Cruiser
    • Aircraft Carrier
    • Scarab Speedboat
    • Laser Corvette
    • Destroyer
    • Frigate
    • Submarine
    • Missile Submarine
    • Project 941
    • Sea Mine
    • 4 trains
    • Queen Ant
    • 4 Repair ships
    • Ekranoplan Aircraft Carrier
    • 6 variants of the Freighter
    • Tugboat
    • Super Tanker
    • Behemoth
    • Sea Shadow
    • Rabbit
    • Harbinger
    • Enforcer
    • Disc Launcher
  • Made the following other graphics:
    • The Chrono Tank's turret
  • Made the following (rules.ini and art.ini) code contributions:
    • Coded the nuke superweapon
    • Coded the A-10 elite weapon
    • Coded the scrap metal
    • Made the "Field Repair" superweapon more reliable
    • Fixed the grenade weapon
    • Coded the Land Mines
    • Coded the torpedo weapon
    • Coded the airstrike superweapon
    • Coded the Tiberium Fuel upgrade
    • Coded collectable wood and steel crates which can be placed on multiplayer maps.
    • Coded infested trees (these are trees that slowly mutate into tiberium trees over time).
    • Coded tiberium spreaders, which allow tiberium to be spread in a wider radius around tiberium trees.
    • Various other code contributions
  • Improved the refinery's unload animation
  • Improved Nod's airfield
  • Fixed the SHPs of units and buildings so they no longer have glowing pixels on dark maps
  • Modified several animations to make them glow on dark maps
  • Added an extra row of pixels in the shadows of all turreted units in order to fix the shadow bug (this bug sometimes causes a gap appear in between the shadow of a unit and the unit itself)
  • Converted the SHP of the Bio-Research Facility again so that it wouldn't look stretched out anymore
  • Converted the structures from Red Alert.
  • Edited the graphics of several of the new crate units that have a switched chassis/turret.
  • Expanded the "Sandpit" multipalyer map.
  • Improved the "Canyon Chase" multiplayer map.
  • Made the sound effect for Volkov's weapon.

Made the XO Powersuit and the Hover(craft) MLRS.

Made the "Sand Serpent" map.

Mig Eater
Made Red Alert YAK, MIG and Badger Bomber voxels.

Made the "The East Asian Front" singleplayer mission.

Muldrake made the following voxels:

  • Apache
  • Chinook
  • Carryall

Made the DDrawCompat renderer, which appears to work well on systems where all other renderers give bad performance.


Made the Oil Refinery structure, excluding the smoke and fire animations


Made tunnels that attach to 4 different cliff angles, made a large crater map prop for the temperate theater, made a crate goodie unit and made the following civilian structures:

  • Light house
  • Windmill
  • 20 TD civilian structure remakes


  • Fixed the lighting on the Refinery after I mirrored it
  • Made the beta Hand of Nod SHP
  • made the following audio (speech) files:
    "unit armor upgraded", "unit weapon upgraded", "unit speed upgraded", "your harvester is under attack", "unit sold", "structure sold", "Building captured", "Building online" and "Building offline" speeches
  • Made the [TD] Deluxe Cameos
  • Converted the RA mouse to SHP format (with tools written by Ultraq)
  • Fixed the font on the Power and Waypoint sidebar buttons
  • Helped me to edit FinalSun's exe to suppress an error message it kept giving after I edited the exe to make it read Tiberian Sun's install path from FinalSun.ini instead of from the registry
  • Helped me remove obsolete buttons from FinalSun's toolbar

Made the following maps:

  • Social Divide
  • Tideland
  • Stranded
  • Northern Lights

Made the map "Rust in the Dust" and made some improvements to the "Reunification" singleplayer mission.

Made the map "Unforgiving Islands".


  • Made the train
  • Made the Microwave Tank
  • Converted the Hover MLRS to SHP
  • Converted the Mobile Repair Vehicle to SHP
  • Made the A-10 voxel
  • Made civilian cars
  • Made the new ORCA


  • Made DTA's client
  • Coded the AI
  • Added a "Brutal" difficulty level for the skirmish/multiplayer AI.
  • Improved the spawner's direct loading of saved games so that they'll no longer be likely to give a black screen and then fail to load.
  • Made it possible to save and load multiplayer games.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the difficulty of a campaign to always revert to Medium if a saved game was loaded an you progressed to the next mission afterwards.
  • Created the TunnelFixer tool (located in the Maps\Custom\ directory) that allows mappers to easily fix newly created tunnels.
  • Filled in the 4 corners of the first 2 "It Came From Red Alert" missions with terrain and added some extra details (such as LATs, terrain objects and light posts).
  • Fixed an engine bug that only allowed you to queue up 2 A-10 Warthogs, even though they have a build limit of 3.
  • Wrote a patch that makes it possible for map makers to give players credits via a map trigger.
  • Wrote a patch that allows mappers to enable or disable Short Game via a map trigger.
  • Wrote a patch that allows infantry to repair vehicles (this allows Mechanics to function).
  • Wrote a patch that forces the sidebar icons to always be sorted in the same order.
  • Wrote a patch that allows structures to provide a certain amount of credits every 3 seconds (similar to how oil derricks in Red Alert 2 function).
  • Wrote a patch that allows vehicles to enter certain transport vehicles (such as the transport hovercraft).
  • Made the following singleplayer missions:
    • All missions of the "The Toxic Diversion" GDI campaign
    • Reunification
    • Eradicating the Red
    • Red Paradise
    • Desperate Grip
    • All missions of the "Creeping Destruction" Soviet campaign
    • 2 GDI tutorial missions
    • Stealthy Inhibition
    • Frostbite
    • River Raid
    • Bunny Hunt
    • Stomp
    • Chainbreaker
  • Made the following multiplayer maps:
    • Rivers of Refener
    • City in Conflict
    • Tunnel Train-ing
    • Springnight
    • Town of the Unfortunate
    • Composite
    • Train-ing Holiday
    • The Experiment Lab
    • Frozen Wasteland
    • Circle of Death
    • Tiberium Garden III
    • Chilly Glow
    • Shiner's Yard
    • Epicenter
    • Icy Floes
    • Deceptive Wonderland
    • Divided Composition
    • Eternal Spring Dream
    • Heart Attack
    • Tiberium Rig
    • Casey's Canyon
    • Defunct Combat Platform
    • Grid Gardens
    • White Acres
    • Razor Land
    • Subterranean Greenery
    • Subterranean Greenery Extended
    • Counterpoise
    • Subterranean Bluewery
    • Subterranean Jewlery
    • Rural Idyll
    • Diamond Valley
    • Split Peninsula
    • Ore Rig
    • Cliffs of Lunacy
    • A Buoyant City
    • Oil War (in collaboration with Tiberius)
    • Asymmetrical Warfare (in collaboration with Tiberius)
  • Made the following Co-Op missions:
    • Reunification
    • It Came For DTA
    • The Experiment Lab
    • Freezing Offensive
    • Freezingly Desperate Grip
    • Second Wind
    • Double Team
    • Ally Under Siege
    • Disguised Manipulation
    • Forged Payback
    • It Came For DTA II
    • Cloaked Twilight
    • The Anchoring
    • Operation Barachiel
    • Bunny Lockdown (in collaboration with Tiberius)
    • Nuclear Winter
    • Multiplicating Force
  • Added extra details (such as LATs, terrain objects and light posts) to the following multiplayer maps:
    • A Path Beyond
    • Lost Arena
    • Pitfall
    • Unforgiving Islands
    • Sandpit
    • Sand Trap
    • Canyon Chase
    • Lakefront Clash
    • Crossroads
    • Dust Devils
    • Tower of Power
    • Dustbowl
    • Delirious Island

Converted the text font from TD to TS format.

Made the maps "Sandpit", "Dustbowl" and "Toxic Passage" and made the "Under Siege II" singleplayer mission.

Made the "Gravity Valley" multiplayer map.

Made the "Crossroads" map.

Made the "Chrono Hazard", "Lesson in Blood" and "Distant Thunder" Co-Op missions.


Made the following singleplayer missions:

  • Sarin Gas 1: The Crackdown
  • Sarin Gas 2: Down Under

Made the following multiplayer maps:

  • Back County
  • River Front
  • Island Trouble
  • Drifted River
  • Coastal Battle
  • Naval Rampage
  • Christmas Tree

Wrote the AI triggers\teams\scripts that make AI players properly deploy their MCVs after building them.


  • Created a high-res Tiberian Dawn icon, which was used to create DTA's high-res icon.
  • Remade the Red Alert main menu background in high resolution, on which DTA's main menu Allied and Soviet theme backgrounds are based.
  • Remade the bottom part of the Red Alert sidebar (under the icons), on which DTA's version is based.
  • Made a high-res remake of the Red Alert Main Menu, that was adapted for DTA's Allied and Soviet theme main menus.
  • Helped with creating DTA's main menu logos.


  • Made the following singleplayer missions:
    • A Bridge Too Few
    • Mayday
  • Made the following multiplayer maps:
    • Rocky Ridge
    • Far Harbor
    • Idyllic Lake
    • Castle Rock
    • Mining Town
    • Glimmering Bluffs
    • Frozen Bay
    • Frozen Advance
    • Summer Skirmish
    • Wreckage Canyon
    • Dark Prospects
    • Oil War (in collaboration with Rampastring)
    • Island Conquest
    • Asymmetrical Warfare (in collaboration with Rampastring)
    • Parted Paradise
  • Made the following Co-Op missions:
  • Made changes to the "Sarin Gas 1" and "Sarin Gas 2" missions to make them more playable in Enhanced mode.

Made the following maps:

  • Duel At Dawn
  • Underwater Passage
  • Highway Quarry

Tyler Adams
Made the Longbow voxel.

Made the original version of the "Enemy Lines" map.

Bittah Commander
This is me; the founder and leader of this mod. Considering I started this mod on my own and I worked on my own for over a year, I had already done a large amount of work before I even had to keep track of credits and it'd have been an impossible task to make a list of every individual thing I deserve credit for. So instead of taking on the impossible task of trying to list everything I did since 2006, I'll just state that I did everything aside from the things I credited the people above for.

Realizing that likely only other modders will know exactly what that means, I'll try to list the global roles I've been inovled with that I can think of:

  • Converting (and editing) most original graphics and sounds from Tiberian Dawn (and also many from Red Alert)
  • INI coding
  • HEX hacking
  • Designing the Graphical User Interface
  • Making all of the map preview images
  • Making maps
  • Making/editing SHPs (this includes units, buildings, animations and terrain objects)
  • Making/editing terrain
  • Managing and (if necesssary) fixing or improving work submitted by the staff (this mainly includes maps and SHPs)
  • Designing the client's graphics (background, border and button textures) and some of the layouts
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Bittah Commander, I find that you were "brave" to have mixed Red Alert , C & C Tiberian Sun and Rampastring same thing .

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thanks voor all the hard work! this is a great mod!

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