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An Advanced Tunnel Tutorial developed by the brilliant minded Teukka. For C&C;Generals : Zero Hour.

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Warning: This Turorial is ADVANCED Level, which means that average-exeptional skill level is required. But it really is Quite Genius.

I'm sorry that this tutorial might not be so high quality one but note that:
- I didn't make a whole new tunnel. Instead I dismantled one that I had already made to make the pictures
- I haven't made absolutely anykind of tutorial before
- The more I have text, the more I'll have grammatical errors and typos in it
- And also: How many functional tunnels have you seen in ZH before?

Step 1: Tunnel's base

First of all you'll need to make (preferably) a narrow passage where you want your tunnel:


Then you'll have to cover it with a short piece of bridge (I used Tampico cause it is the most widest one)
The bridge is used to prevent things like ammunations and helicopters going through your tunnels roof, which would look retarted:


Next, cover your bridge with the building bibs of your liking. I used AsianApartmentComplexBids which matches with texture GrassMediumType6 (found under Residental textures)[There is also two other grass textures which have matching bibs]
Place the bibs so that the grey line on the other edge is hidden under the bridge railing


After your placed the bibs, check that the bridge isn't sloped and try to place bibs as close to bridge surface as you can, so that any possible units on the tunnel's roof won't go halfway through the bibs

Step 2: Tunnel's "roof"

If you use multiple bibs there will also be those grey bib edges left showing which might need a bit of masking.


You can use very small Height brush (with no feather set) to raise some ground to cover the grey line right next to the cliff but obviously you can't use same technique to cover the grey line in the middle.


And because those straight edged land columns might not look so good; they can be painted impassable and covered with few rocks:


But because the area in the middle can't be made impassable (the rocks aren't consired impassable by the game) it's best to just cover it with small stones so it won't look stupid if any units would go through them. (Even though if you wouldn't make any ramps or paths leading to the roof, units can still get there with helis or bikes. But if you consider that very unlikely you can cover the whole top with rocks and you won't actually be needing those ground columns either that I mentioned before)

Step 3: Tunnel's "facade"

Next you should cover the bridge's support columns and any possible holes and make the tunnel's entrance. Most easiest way is to use wall pieces to cover both the sides and the central arc/route into the tunnel. But there is also some objects that may look better when used for the arc; for example the SoccerStadiumEntrance

And if you're going to use the StadiumEntrance you'll need to use this code in the map.ini
"Object SoccerStadiumEntrance
GeometryMajorRadius = 0.1
GeometryMinorRadius = 0.1
GeometryHeight = 0.1

Some other structures/objects might also need a bit of editing before they can be used for this role.

Cover the rest of the bridge with wall pieces. Like This:

For final visual touch you can cover the wall pieces with some rocks:

Step 4: Last thing to do

Finally, check that the impassable and passable areas in the tunnel are correctly painted so that the units can move through the tunnel, but that they won't go through the "walls":

Tutorial Credit's go to Teukka.



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Hey hey hey nice!

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Well I'll be. That is a clever use of the pre-existing assets.

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very epic... ima try this when im making the TS campaigns, because there are tunnels there :D

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