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Work-in-Progress images of the Würzburg Radar port. The second map being ported for ET: Legacy.

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Würzburg Radar

Welcome back to another sneak peek. The map porting is steadily gaining speed.

The second map in the development phase is good ol' Würzburg Radar.

These are work in progress shots, which means the areas shown are still subject to change.

Here you can see the now finished interior of the Farmhouse a.k.a. the First Allied Spawn.

In these two images you can see the small change in the atmosphere of the map. In standard Radar everything in the sky is a bit blurry and smudged, but now you can actually see the terrain in the back. In the first image you can see the new 'morning dawn' atmosphere that we want to go with in this map.

Würzburg Radar is set in a rainy night, with relatively little sky-light. It doesn't really make sense that everything is so brightly lit. To achieve a more realistic feel of actual lighting, there are now lanterns on each telegraph pole to have provisional lighting.
The MG hut now has more of a 'cabin in the woods' atmosphere and most importantly a more distinct lighting. This makes all machinegun campers a clearer target to balance the battlefield.

For those of you, who appreciate the high vegetation and forest feeling of Radar, we have good news. We do too and try to increase that feeling. New foliage/grass textures are being worked on (not currently in the image) to give a more peaceful and calm vibe. For those of you who prefer to de-clutter their visuals, we also have good news. You can still do that in ET: Legacy, so no worries.

Thank you for following our project. If you are interested in joining our efforts please don't hesitate

to get in contact with us. You can leave a reply here, send me a PM or join our Gitter channel.

ET: Legacy is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32 and 64 bit platforms.

ET: Legacy development is a collaborative effort done in an open, transparent and friendly manner.

If you want to improve ET: Legacy in any way (coders, 2D/3D artists and level designers),

don't hesitate to contact us on our IRC channel #etlegacy on Freenode. Anyone is welcome

to join and contribute to improve this project!


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Looking great as usual. Actually WÜRZBURG RADAR is my favorite map from the original WOLFENSTEIN: ENEMY TERRITORY. I really like the addition of details we can see on these screens. And the quality of the textures is exemplary. Keep-up the good work guys. ;)

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I really like Radar too; it's probably my favorite vanilla map. The rain, night setting, and tall grass adds some atmosphere to the map. Plus it reminds me somewhat of the vanilla Rtcw SP map called dark.

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Yeah. And I always thinked about this bridge near allies respawn and the bridge near the end of the dark level. Can it connect this two maps? :D

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KeMoN Author

It is the same bridge, yes. There is an ET version of 'dark', however I don't think the theme of those two maps fit together. But theoratically it is possible, yes :+1:

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Great work again, although, I'd have prefered that the version of "Würzburg Radar" to be ported over to ET: Legacy to be this one:

This version is far more fun to play, in my opinion :).

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