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Finally released my Black Ops III Remake of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory maps.

All 6 maps are included.

Available at Steam Workshop.

Here are some images:

Gold Rush:

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Fuel Dump:

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Wurzburg Radar:

455130 20191215124452 1

Seawall Battery:

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455130 20191215124415 1

Siwa Oasis:

455130 20191215124747 1

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zhuangxinxu - - 26 comments

Forest Camo is British Denison Camouflage

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zhuangxinxu - - 26 comments

Were New Weapons Lee Enfield And Bren Gun MkII、Welrod、Webley、Browning HP in RealRTCW?

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tdgBlaskowitzCC - - 3 comments

Hey Wolf ..Been a while. so anyway having a couple of issues that I can not seem to find fixes for:

RRTCW: sv_cheats still an issue. is there a fix other than a patch that doesn't work with the latest release?

Also: this happens: realrtcw error: Server Shutdown (Server crashed: G_LoadGame: encoded chunk is greater than buffer ) do I just need to increase the hunkmeg?

Believe it or not, I am using the Platinum version of RTCW I got like in 2005. That wouldn't affect anything because it's not a steam purchase would it?

and last. Every so often I fire up the old!TDG^ clan server and revamped some bots and gave them the same "Intelligence" as some of the players on the clan.
you should stop by sometime. just search TDG_Let's_Go_Brandon_server v1.4 :)

Oh, Shoot almost forgot. It's a 64bit i5 6500 3.2Gh 16Gb DDR4 Win 10 64 Pro on a HP elite desktop 800sff and a GT1030 2Gb Video card

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Guest - - 688,951 comments

How to enable sv_cheats 1 in RealRTCW? adding on shortcut target is not working.

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7_62mm - - 10 comments

You are a russian!!amazing ! i'm a chinese!I download your RealRTCW ,but the sources i can got all lower than version 1.41 from internet.can you send your rtcw verisons to me? another thing,I want to know can you modified this game as use AK_47 to kill nazi? RPG to kill zombies? I played rtcw ten years,and i tried some mods,i find that the enemy's number to less never than 70's , maybe increase the amount of them to one hundreds。

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Guest - - 688,951 comments


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_Pavel_ - - 242 comments

Add weapons from cold war in ww2? You really crazy.

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