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It's been a long time. How have you been? We've been really busy being "dead"... Nah, just kidding. We were never dead. Wanna bet?

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It's been a long time. How have you been? We've been really busy being "dead"...
Nah, just kidding. We were never dead. Wanna bet?

Surprise Mediaz!
Still Alive!

It's been a crazy past few months, full of mishaps, confusion, and Real Life™ taking up all of our time and effort. We wish we could have worked on the Hazard Course the entire time, but as our misfortune would have it, too many of our few developers were simultaneously away from their workstations and busy dealing with Real Life™, and not to mention, Valve gave us quite a run with their SDK mishap just a while ago. As a result, we unfortunately were unable to get as much done as quickly as we had originally hoped. We apologize sincerely for the delay. I deeply sympathize with Black Mesa and their various deadline mishaps! No doubt that must have been even worse of a nightmare.

Although we have taken a huge amount of time to get to this point, we are still (unfortunately) at a relatively early-ish stage in development. Our gameplay and environments are still in a constant state of flux, but that is not necessarily a bad thing! This means that you guys are still able to give valuable feedback on how you would like the Hazard Course to turn out.

As of today, we have just met our internal deadline for the next semi-public release, which means we now need testers to test it! Here's how it will work:

I know that a bunch of you have already applied to be testers, but to be fair to everyone, we will reset the tester application queue today. From the moment that this is posted, anyone who wishes to test must apply again, even if you have already applied. Note that we will only be accepting a few people, so this will be something of a first-come, first-consider basis! Also note that even if you do get accepted, you may not be sent the current build immediately, so be prepared to be patient. Testers must agree to the terms as specified on our Tester Position on our ModDB Jobs Page, so make sure you read those before applying.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or general cries of outrage, feel free to leave a comment below and we will try our best to address them. As always, please keep it civil!

Capt.Host - - 854 comments

Can't wait for the complete Black Mesa package!
You should contact BM dev team, as they are preparing a version to launch on Steam (paid). They could sure use a Hazard Course.

Anyway, good luck ;)

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overwatchprivate - - 255 comments

It would be very useful for the BM package as a whole, they were quite wrong when they said it wasn't needed and that players would know what to do. I've seen plenty of players who never played games like Half Life get confused by crouch jumping.

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ChrisBryant - - 1,087 comments

Black Mesa has ingame hints on how to do crouch-jumping, as well as perform pretty much anything notable.

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Rus[T] - - 1,161 comments

That was just a ******* ******** answer of them, If you make a remake, you include everything, otherwise it's a joke. Maybe just for the nostalgia. Thank god there are people who add stuff and levels to it.

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dky.tehkingd.u Author
dky.tehkingd.u - - 273 comments

A remake means that you modernize something. If something doesn't fit in the modern gaming sense, you cut it. That's just good practice, or else you'd be working for a long time on things that will end up out of place.

They had legitimate reasons to not include a Hazard Course, and cut a few parts of the original. The reasons might have been very disappointing, but they were legitimate reasons nonetheless. Anyone working in any development must carefully consider the cost/benefit ratio of working on any product features, and sacrifices must always be made in the end. Be grateful that they ever finished the mod at all, considering that they are a highly decentralized group of people working in their free time to bring you a free product. Of all the mods out there, Black Mesa is the one that had the most potential to die, considering how ambitious it was. Nobody really has any right to demand anything of the Black Mesa developers in the end.

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freeman2001 - - 37 comments

When I'm bored, I speedrun the hazard course. What better use of it to a player who knows how to play?

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dstorque - - 27 comments

I know the Black Mesa devs recently brought TextFAMGUY1 to their team after his work on his fantastic On a Rail Uncut and Surface Tension Uncut mods. Maybe you guys should contact them about getting on the team if you haven't already!

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delt4 - - 237 comments

It wasn't because of OaR or ST uncut, it was because he sent an application to join the team.

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dky.tehkingd.u Author
dky.tehkingd.u - - 273 comments

They want mappers for multiplayer maps. I'm not a multiplayer mapper, so I wouldn't really be able to contribute, unfortunately. Maybe others on the team might be interested. :)

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NickyTannock - - 183 comments

And I know the Black Mesa devs don't like me, so they wouldn't want me back on their team again.

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xsantosis - - 717 comments

Keep the amazing work, and never give up!

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

Yes I would like to see Black Mesa 100% complete. Good luck guys!

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whzzhw - - 6 comments

How to download this resourse?

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ChrisBryant - - 1,087 comments

It is currently unreleased.

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whzzhw - - 6 comments


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