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Hey guys. I'm DKY, project lead on the Hazard Course Development Team and soon-to-be third-year Electrical and Computer Engineering major in college. I don't usually write blog entries like this, but this time I do have a fairly concrete reason for doing so.

As someone who is fairly experienced in the field of software development (coding since about age of 9), a number of people have requested over the years that I help teach them programming, including friends, family members, and most recently, some members of my mod team. Somehow, though I don't really consider myself to be the greatest at programming or anything, people keep coming to me for help in the subject. I almost never deny them of the help that they request, but recently I've been thinking-- I can't really be everywhere at once, helping out everyone who asks me for help. So what's the next best thing? A tutorial, of course!

Over the next several [days? weeks? months?] as the academic semester winds down, I plan to start publishing a series of tutorials specifically on the subject of programming for beginners. My goal is to eventually be able to point any beginner in the direction of my tutorial series, so that by the time they get to the end of the series, if they put in enough time and effort reading and doing the exercises that I provide, they should have learned enough about the field of coding to be able to branch out and perhaps start coding their own projects. And if they choose not to become full-time coders or anything, then what can I say? Programming is still a very practical, useful skill to have on your person.

Coding is certainly not for everyone. But if anything, I hope that by writing the tutorial series, I will be able to at least open peoples' minds to what is really going on behind their screens when they play PC games, run MS Word, or browse the internet. I hope to enlighten at least some people about how these programs came about, and the process that the developers of these programs use to make them. We shall see by the end of this whether or not I've succeeded!

And if you're reading this and you're already a well-established coder, I welcome any feedback that you might give! I'm only one guy after all, and I only have my own perspective. It would certainly be nice to have a bit of outside feedback as I write my tutorials, and I definitely plan to make revisions as I go along. There's almost no way that I'll get it perfect the first time, so it would be nice to have some others to watch my back!

Well, until the first tutorial I guess. I hope to get that up on ModDB sometime soon!


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I am so sorry that everyone has misinterpreted your April Fool's joke.

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dky.tehkingd.u Creator

What's the fun in an April Fool's joke if nobody gets fooled? Hehe... :P

It's fine.

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Hey are you still looking for a alpha tester if so then plz pm me back.

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dky.tehkingd.u Creator

Hey there. We're kind of swamped with tester applications right now, which means the slots have been pretty much filled up for the current build. We'll probably be able to find a place for you to test a future build, if you're still interested by then. I'll probably make an announcement when that time comes, so stay tuned!

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