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its been 3 yeasr since I last updated this mod, so whats going on with it ?

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It have been years since Tiberian Sun Redux got updated, and to be honest any process made to it. And I'm sorry for that, the main reason is my second mod Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved got high priority.

However since a couple weeks I got recruited to help out Tiberian Sun Rising with art assets, since both mods are focusing on Tiberian Sun and Rising almost done compared to Redux it will make more sense to help out Rising while I'm doing small work on Redux.

So what have I done for them you ask your self, currently not much I have textured and uv mapped some models they already had, modeled something and animated stuff

To see the stuff ingame make sure you follow Tiberian Sun Rising.

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Valherran - - 2,447 comments

Right on, thanks for the update!

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sgtmyers88 - - 2,831 comments

To quote Kane: "Congratulations on your promotion."

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necron15 - - 165 comments

Major congrats. Best of luck, and have a good one.

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OrangeNero - - 6,593 comments

I never quite understood why modding teams on moddb don't merge more instead of having like 5 times the same mod and then keep people waiting for 10+ years just to announce that you now have a new mod that you're working on.

I don't wanna sound like an *** or anything, and I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the work of all the modders here but damn, its gotten to the point where its baiting/blueballing.

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nuclearsnake - - 309 comments

same here.

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Tesel - - 740 comments

People don't always agree with their ideas. Most of them just do what they want because it's the freedom and happiness of creation is what drives mods.

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nuclearsnake - - 309 comments

so is it going to be put on a hiatus or delayed?

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MrTimm Author
MrTimm - - 4,994 comments

both kinda.

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