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This update contains a number of fixes and tweaks to many aspe cts of Dragon Sector. We really hope you enjoy what we've put together!

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Hello again, everyone!

We're back today with another release. Version 0.52 also brings with it some changes to the requirements. Due to the scripting functions we are using, Dragon Sector (The Remake) now requires GZDoom 4.10 or above. Because of the crash bug we found in the last release, we're recommending using a 4.11 Development build, which as of now, has the crash bug fixed.

We realize that this is an inconvenience, so for the Full Pack we have bundled the current Dev Build as well as the current build of Project Brutality to make things easier. We hope that as we continue to evolve this project, that you'll continue along this ride with us. We did our best to try to retain legacy compatibility, but to do what we wanted to do and to not crash when you begin a game, it just wasn't possible.

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This release should be the last of the 0.5x series, unless we run into another showstopper that needs to be addressed. Now, BarefootMapMaker has started work on Map 06, Port Titan. It's still in its early stages, but you can probably infer something from the name. We look forward to showing you how it's coming along, once it's fleshed out a bit more.

In the meantime, we'd like to thank everyone for the support, and for playing our maps.

Right then! On to the notes!

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Improvements This Update:

Fixed a lot of performance issues with map05 - Nuclear Station.

--All monsters in monster traps have been set to dormant, only activating when called upon by player actions. This prevents a lot of CPU bogdown, as monsters only activate when they are needed. There are over 600 monsters in this map, and it was causing a lot of CPU overload. Which, as said, has been fixed.

Security Drones and Bots have been significantly improved. They now do line-of-sight checks, to make sure the player isn't going to be hit by their fire. This prevents a lot of unnecessary fragging by these assets, and it helps them to be used a lot more intelligently and with a lot more confidence. Special thanks goes to inkoalawetrust for his help with these improvements! We're still working on the Drones and Bots. The more we learn, the better they'll get!

We added a nice collection of “Materials” textures to our texture assets. Just tastefully added stuff, to help set the maps off more, without changing the overall feel of the maps. It is a noticeable improvement. Special thanks to Chilvence, KuriKai, Jacob Østergaard - email address(, Reinchard, Tea Monster, Ron Goode, for the DHTP, to AndrewMRX for the displacement shader, and DraugraK & Berzerk Doomer for the PBR pack.

We compressed our entire texture library. This helped reduce the size of the pk3 by about 200MB and it helps significantly with texture load during play. Everyone should notice a significant uptic in performance. It is still recommended that everyone precache textures, however, as this always helps with performance when loading in large texture sets.

Made a few minor texture changes across all of the maps. Nothing earth shattering, just stuff changed here and here to help make the maps all look a little better.

Changed how the Rebreather works. It now only lasts for Five minutes instead of twenty. However, the rebreather's battery only depletes when you're using it. There is now also a timer on-screen to let you know how much time you have left. Picking up multiple rebreathers will still add to its time.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Map01:
    • changed the Blue Armor to Green Armor in the acid room of the Morgue. The Blue Armor is now in a secret area.

See the tutorial for instructions on how to get up and running.

Screenshot 49

Rip and Tear!

BarefootMapMaker & DarynS

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