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What I plan to do in the next update, hopefully I can follow through with these ideas

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These are the main goals I have for the next major update to A Galaxy Shattered that will, I am hoping, make the game-play more dynamic and engaging as well as having a basic goal that isn't just conquer all planets which I personally find rather dry.

  • Add more economic options for the Republic and change how economies work in general on the galactic map, I really enjoy the idea of fluctuating income stream.
  • Add somewhat of a story-line and more interesting goals that are tied to the new economic system
  • Make planets valuable or remove them, I realize that there are a lot of outer-rim planets that provide absolutely no advantage and frankly don't have a point to existing, so I must either make them important or possibly remove them.
  • Make improvements to the HUD and add more unit and planetary information, I am honestly very envious of Alliance and the Imperial Civil War mods that have the most attractive HUDs I have seen I also want to further distance myself from Republic at War as I wish to continue (In seemly the opposite direction) from them
  • Going with giving planets worth I also plan on fixing the planetary advantages (Finally)

These are just the few main Ideas I can come up with at the current time, I also have a smaller list of bug fixes that are to minor to warrant a list point. If you have any ideas you would like to share, please do! I am always ready to consider suggestions and discuss what might be good include or change in my mod, after all it is not just for myself but for the loyal EaW community, thank you!

HeresJason - - 165 comments

I would remove several useless planets

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Guest - - 689,190 comments

Maybe you can make something like Valiant SD or Rothana like in the Ratcw mod?

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