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A few words from SashaRed, the leader of the translation team for Last Day.

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Hey, everyone. Sasha here.

After a hiatus lasting a few months and leaving Tronex and Appuruu to work on the project and keep you guys supported, I’ve returned, and with a few changes to the translation files. Speaking of which, its new version number may be confusing to a few of you out there.

On 2018-03-15, the project was mistakenly labeled as complete, being given a release as version 1.0, when, in reality, some content was yet to be translated. Several scripts and configuration files with text in Russian had not, and still have not, been localized (i.e. had their text moved to files in the configs\text\eng folder, which allows anyone to easily find any in-game text and switch between languages directly via the options menu), and a few stylistic changes and corrections from the newest version of Last Day were left out. It still remains a bit outdated, but work is underway as always. In line with this, I decided to revert the version number back to 0.x.x to indicate a lack of completion.

There’s also a configs\text\rus folder in the translation now. How come? Well, I happen to speak a bit of Russian (which, obviously, helps with translating), and as of late, I’ve been working on a few text corrections for Call of Chernobyl itself, for both the English and Russian version. Those will be sent to TeamEPIC in due time, and until then, I’ve wanted to include them in any translations I work on, with the intent of sending them to the original developers. Last Day is a huge mod with content from several mods and addons, and keeping a consistent writing style for them all is an arduous task, but I try, because I care about the quality and the experience given to you, the users of the mod. Writing usually isn’t the most qualitative aspect of most S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods, and I’ve been wanting to make a change to that for quite a while now.

What about Last Day itself? Well, its creator, Mikhail Grishin (also known as Xameleon201), has led a busy life as of late. Few updates to Last Day have appeared during the last few months, which brings with it a number of consequences: any future changes to the mod will possibly have to be handled by addons; some believe the balancing of the mod to be whack, and, as far as I’ve been able to tell, some features are generally considered useless. I don’t know how AWR and all those other submods are treating everyone, considering I’ve barely been playing the mod myself, but I’m giving it a run as I write this. On the other hand, this means we have a stable ground on which to continue translating, and if the developers accept some of our changes to the text in the mod, it may lead to a period of stability for Last Day longer than any before.

A changelog and more technical details are available at the translation page. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Whitegoldl - - 202 comments

Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated from the UK.

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Kostov Author
Kostov - - 1,829 comments

No worries. I’m also converting the translation to British English. :)

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zxcv64 - - 199 comments

Thanks man, awesome work!

edit: by the way, any chance of seeing Smurth's Dynamic Hud added to Last Day? That would indeed be the ultimate stalker experience

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Kostov Author
Kostov - - 1,829 comments

Nema na čemu.

It might be possible. The HUD part wouldn’t be necessary—only the animations. I’m willing to bet Tronex could get that sort of thing added.

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Tronex - - 894 comments

No, not really.

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Moe111 - - 26 comments

Thanks for all the hard work... love this mod... it nice you guys are always fixing it for us lol ;)

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Kostov Author
Kostov - - 1,829 comments

Always moving forward.

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Guest - - 695,086 comments

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zaldronthesage - - 94 comments

Any chances to get the visuals ported over from Dead Air to Last Day? That would be most welcome! :D

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