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Patch 2.0.1 has been released. In order to be able to launch the mod, you need the previous 2.0 FINAL version as well as the base official TES TW 2.0 + 2.0.1.

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Unofficial Patch 2.0.1. for The Elder Scrolls
(BETA released December 26th 2020, the FINAL VERSIN 3th January 2021, 2.0.1 released 2nd February)

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This version finally includes everything that I expected for the Christmas release, and the mod is now finally properly polished and stable.


This changelog lists only new new 2.0.1 features and fixes. If you have not played UP 2.0 yet, then first check

2.0 release thread

(a very short version, likey forgot half of the stuff)
- Implemented Alchemy System. Generals with relevant traits are able to collect ingredients and craft potions. Potions give mostly battle bonus, and after a time they are removed. As the character makes more potions, he improves his skill and is able to craft more powerful potions. There is about 30 potions divided into three main trees - health, magicka and stamina.

- Implemented Army Supply Costs Script (from SSHIP) - You have to pay realistic additional upkeep for armies in enemy lands and especially when besieging settlements, based on military and logistics skill of your generals. Along with it, also implemented military and administrative education. You can educate young generals in settlements. (only with Very Hard difficulty). Along with longer sieges, this should be a proper challenge!

- Joining Vampires Script - If your Faction Leader becomes a vampire, you will have an option to lead all vampire clans to conquer Tamriel (Volkihar script semi included). There is also similar script for necromancers from the FINAL version.

- Implemented (again) Red Year, Khanaten Flu and various other (generic) disasters, most importantly plagues and volcanoes. And from the FINAL version, the Dragon Raids.

- Sadras units can now be recruited in the 4th era by dunmers in southern Morrowind.

- Mages Guild and Penitus Oculatus units added.

- Improved AI - The potential of the new Skynet AI is now fully unleashed, in the previous version they were slowed down by the dungeons, which was now resolved by player controlled Dungeon Region.

- Balancing in unit stats across the board - Weaker Mages and Archers, increased prices and upkeep for higher tier units. Slightly strenghtened the orsimer roster. Slightly increased morale for all units.

- Sadras units can now be recruited in the 4th era by dunmers in southern Morrowind. As well as Stormcloack units for Eastmarch.

- Mages Guild and Penitus Oculatus units added.

- Significantly decreased population growths, religion conversion and slightly unit replenishment rates

- Slightly optimized performance (less lagging when moving generals, etc) by improving some scripts, as well as turn times.

- Improved starting economies, balance and general stats

- Shadowing between the shadow factions (altmers, imperials and nords) now works properly and to both sides, and all the 6 factions are re-emergent. Increased chances of rebellions. Be careful whom do you entrust to lead your armies!

- Divided Alchemy Academia and Mages Barracks into two separate trees. You need Mages guild in order to build Mages Barracks.

- Made the major scripts hotseats compatible - dungeons, missions named forts and supply script.

Current Difficulty Settings

(each difficulty includes the one above it)

Easy - AI receives only a small bonus to income

Normal - AI Turn 1 Auto-expansion, income bonus

Hard - Garrisson Script, Last Stand Script (when an AI faction is almost dead, it may receive an elite army), income bonus

Very Hard - Army Supply Script, an additional starting AI army, income bonus

Independebly on a selected difficulty, all AI factions receives various minor trade, law, recruitment and population growth bonuses

Bugfixing and Minor Features
- Fixed the cause of crash in 4th era campaigns, all campaigns should now be fully playable.

- All Factions shuold have now correct voices and music.

- Fixed victory conditions for all the campaigns.

- Removed most of reposition commands in TBW to avoid AI generals being bugged. Also added guild armies to the Vestige.

- In Campaigns where certain factions start with many generals, I turned bodyguards of many of those factions into lower tier units.

- Polishing of missions and guilds.

- Settlements can properly upgrade

- Birthsigns are now shown via ancillaries as well.

- A few new portraits for the undead and daedra.

- Added missing descriptions and pictures.

- Added "Hist Rituals" to the highest Hist temple (using "games" from americas, similar as races)

- The Undead, Daedra and Dagoth are immune to plagues. The Reachmen and Ashlanders cant build siege towers.

- Locked morale of the units that are not supposed to break.

- Fixed bugged fires in dungeons.

Medieval II Engine Overhaul Project included
- You can visit the project forum (here) or join discord (here) to find more info.
- The Project has succeeded in removing several hardcoded limits from the M2TW game, such as limit to religions/ancillaries, scripting, ability to add more strat features on the map, ability to use all console commands, etc.
- In this version Im using directly label overhals for crafting and to allow more interesting scripts (Oblivion gate travel, etc), increased religion limit, increaed number of ancillaries, increased cost of siege equipment, berserks ability for soe units, and so on. In the upcoming hotfix will include much more, such as alchemy crafting, etc
- You can also use many of its features in game, such as changing your faction during singleplayer campaign, console commands, change the limits and so on...
- But never decrease religion limit undead 14, or the game will not start!

- Help us fix the bugs - Whenever you approach any bug/crash, help us get ridof them, by reporting it to me (messages or posts). The report should contain report from log file (Medieval II Total War/logs) or/and a save made just before the crash!

- There may be some crashes, but should be all random, hence if you reload, or go a turn back, it should disappear. If there is a permanent crash, please let me know.

- The Turns times are still fairly long, in the next version I will be sure to cut the time down to the minimum by optimizing scripts further (there are too many lore scripts :/ )

- Custom battle show some vanilla battles instead ot the custom TES ones. Willfigure out how to fix it in the upcoming hotfix.

Visit our moddb page, follow and rate us!
(thats also where you can find more previews)

Check out our forum at TWC


You can also join our official TES discord!

Install instructions for the download:

Make sure you are using the right download of 2.0., as there are two that you can pick from. Both works with 2.0.1.

1. Download and install The Elder Scrolls 2.0 (Full Version) + The Elder Scrolls 2.0.1.

Of course, you need to apply 4GB patch or LAA patch as well. LINK

2. Go into your The_Elder_Scrolls/data and delete the whole "world" folder"!
3. Download and install TES Unofficial Patch 2.0 FINAL, and extract it into your Medieval II Total War/mods folder, so that it merges with your previously installed TES 2.0.1 (you will know that you are doing it correctly if it asks you to overwrite, hit yes).

4. Download and extract the UP patch 2.0.1. into your mods folder, so that it merges with The_Elder_Scrolls folder. And overwrite. If it doesnt ask you to, you are not doing it properly.
5. You must use "TES UP" launcher to play the mod, other launchers will not work. Once the launcher opens, make sure that "full loging" and "creatures fix" is disabled, then "apply changes" and choose "Start Mod"
6. You are ready to play!

No other files or patches are necessary.

If you are experiencing end turn crashes, the issue is very likely on your end! See the tips on how to fix your performance/settings in the download thread (below install instructions), changing you compatibility settings and running the game as administrator could fix it.

Future plans
- Include many more lore traits, ancillaries and mechanics. Feel free to share your ideas!
- New maps (either expanded Tamriel or added continents) and improving unused Iliac custom map, samely as Vvardenfell mapm so that they can be used.

- New custom campaigns - Varen's Rebellion and some campaigns from the Septim reign. Also campaigns using the new/old regional maps maps. And in the next version will surely be (non lore) 1 starting settlement per faction scenario.

- Ability for generals to change their bodyguard as well as their own model, when becoming a vampire/werewolf, etc.

- Include crowns and claims mechanics (loosely based on SSHIP)

- Include Ages Overhaul and remove 12 Turns per year (will probaby use 2 TPY instead)
- Make more unplayable factions playable
- Improving the current content. Especially balancing unit abilites in battles, as there is still many things to improve.

- Customizing AI and diplomacy for some races/factions.

- Find a way to use papal mechanics and missions (for Elder Council?) and jihads (for the altmers perhaps, to help them expanded over the sea?)
- More units, both new custom and map models.
- Many more balancing and tweaking of all kinds

- Furt optimilization of scripts to decrease turn times.

Current Team
Jadli - Team leader. Everything except modelling.
NauticalNate1 - Unit retextures for all new factions and also many old ones. New Banners
Bantu Chieftain - New units and models. Importing units. Mages projectiles fix

Former Team (or helping out time from time)

joshuu - Penitus Oculatus

marlon - working out new portrais

PeaMan - Dragon retexture, animations, mapping.
makanyane - help with adjusting dungeon models
K'Sharra The Conqueror - Most of the new traits and ancillaries, map weaking, new units, and several other things.
rafmc1989 - New models, textures, animations, units, sounds and literally few GBs of other things
Tasunke - mages balance, voice overhaul
Gigantus - New installer and various bugfixing for 1.41. Helping me with modding issues almost daily
Lifthrasir - New menu and mod logos
CommodusIV - Polishing texts, removing all vannilla references.
ArBo - Map editing

Takeshi - A few new portraits

Dragon. - Help with transferring 1.31 contents into 1.41. Providing a constructive critic.
Socrates1984 - Some custom portraits and other various graphical additions
Dawnbreaker - Writting descriptions (for older version) and lore advisor
Asbjorn Ironside - Testing
kmart - unit models

The Original TES developer team
Bethesda Games
Zenimax Online Studio
The Elder Scrolls Wiki
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project (SSHIP) - Army costs and elements fo education system
Divide And Conquer - Base for redguard settlement models (retextured)
Europa Barbarorum II - Base for redguard, elven, men and argonian ports (retextured)
Third Age Unofficial Patch - Custom battlefields for dungeons by leo.civil.uefs
BOTET - Dragon model
Fire and Blood - A few strat models and dragon retexture
okiir - Most new banner designs
Carnage752 - Some files in previous versions
Hegemony Submod - A few banners ideas

You can check out campaign and battle previews from Rampaned as well!


Love what you all are doing!

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O what are your thoughts on implementing a mercenary retraining system like ROTK mod did where while you cant recruit new units you can retrain them to refill the unit count outside the recruitment zone. IE like a port building.

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Jadli AuthorOnline


You mean being able to refill units in settlements where you are not able to recruit them otherwise?

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TES Total War version 2.0.2 had just released btw, when can the Unofficial patch be updated for that version?

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Jadli AuthorOnline

Very soon, a few weeks at max. It will not have much new stuff, as Im busy, but it will have a lot of bugfixing, an all the new stuff from 2.0.2 of course :)

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Thanks for the reply dude, and thank you very much for your time developing the TES TW UP.

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