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An update for how my mods have changed over the last two years.

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Tom's Mods for Far Cry 2

Two Years Later

Playable female mercenaries, play as a randomly generated mercenary, playable NPCs, improved agility, improved stealth, better shotguns, better pistols, all weapons balanced to be useful, weapon holstering, weapon inspecting, integrated DLC weapons, silent machete stealth kills, stealth walking with mouse and keyboard, flare gun or IEDs in a new slot, enemies and buddies use more weapons, enemy infighting, more interesting patrol vehicles, dangerous weapon convoys, no longer constantly chased by outposts, faster vehicles, improved hang gliders, colourful DLC vehicles, upgrades for DLC vehicles, colourful Reshade, increased draw distance, improved LOD, better shadows, better night lighting, ai-enhanced UI, new road signs, hand drawn map icons, detailed weapon icons, the syrette icon is actually a syrette, new malaria pill animation, optional limited saving, optional limited navigation, tutorial skip saved games, unlocked DLC, a whole bunch of bug fixes, and much more.

There's been significant progress over the last two years, and in addition to everything above there are customisation options which include a complete ai-enhanced texture pack and a script which stops outposts from respawning the moment you leave the area (thank you to Scubrah).

Come and check out the mod pages for all the details, as there's way too many changes to list here.

There are multiple different versions of the mod available, each has a few key changes on top of everything listed so far:

Vanilla+ (Available here)

Vanilla+ leaves the game's original combat unchanged, with its infamous bullet sponge enemies.

Realism+ (Available here)

Realism+ removes the bullet sponge enemies and makes combat deadlier by increasing player and enemy damage.

Chill+ (Available with vanilla or realistic combat)

Chill+ tones down common annoyances like malaria and weapon degradation.

Insanity+ (Available with vanilla or realistic combat)

Insanity+ gives superhuman agility like super fast sprinting and crazy high jumping, so you can approach every encounter from a new perspective.

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