Chill+ improves the graphics, rebalances weapons, adds new features and quality of life improvements, fixes bugs, unlocks dlc and makes subtle changes to the gameplay to add more flavour and variety while toning down most survival elements.

Steam, GOG and Ubisoft Connect are all supported. Every feature is available in all languages and while using either mouse and keyboard or controller.

Chill+ is for people who hate malaria and weapon degradation. These are the changes:
Weapon reliability increased x5.
Time between malaria attacks increased x10.
Unlimited stamina and breathing underwater.
No fall damage.
Invincible buddies.
Emergency first aid - heal when out of syrettes by holding the heal button.

I have other versions of this mod that have the same base features but different focusses.

If you want the game's original combat, including bullet-sponge enemies, check out Vanilla+.

If you hate bullet-sponge enemies check out Realism+.
If you want to sprint fast and jump high like Crysis check out Insanity+.

Full feature list:

Improved graphics

  • My personal “Colourful Far Cry 2” reshade configuration. This is Far Cry 2 with vibrant colours, very simple with no extra post-processing.
  • 60 FPS cap - prevents various bugs.
  • Removed rim lighting - the blue light at night that makes the player look like an alien.
  • Optional removal of flashing items.

The following graphics settings have been improved, the default settings for these have been moved down a tier, so Ultra High is now Very High, High is now Medium etc:

Geometry (Ultra High) - This setting has a huge performance impact. Turn this down to Very High if you have low fps!

  • Increased draw distance for trees.
  • Increased draw distance for minor terrain details (rocks etc).
  • Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation.
  • 8x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Geometry (Very High) - This setting replaces the original ultra high setting as it has a small 1-2 fps impact.

  • Increased draw distance for trees.
  • Enhanced LOD for objects/trees/vegetation.
  • 4x max number of decals (bullet holes etc).

Shadows (Improvements have been added to every setting)

  • Softer, more realistic shadows.
  • Trees and vegetation cast more shadows.
  • The original game had a line ~10m from the player where high quality shadows became low quality shadows. This has been fixed.

Ambient (High)

  • Increased draw distance for static shadows.

Terrain (Ultra High)

  • Enhanced terrain LOD.

New textures

  • AI-Enhanced textures for weapons, signs/posters/billboards and the UI/HUD.
  • Road signs have a new a high resolution hand-painted style font. New signs have been created for weapon shops and safehouses. Weapon shop road signs are no longer green.
  • Hand-drawn map icons in the style of the originals, literally hand-drawn by me!
  • Detailed weapon icons, made using pre-existing game art.
  • Syrette icon is now an actual syrette, not a syringe.

Weapon improvements

  • Weapon reliability increased x5.
  • Extra gadget slot for the flare gun or IEDs, accessible by pressing the machete button twice.
  • Weapons can be holstered by pressing X on keyboard (rebindable) or holding Y on controller. Press fire, use or change weapon to unholster. Press reload to show the hud.
  • Weapons can be inspected by holding the reload button.
  • Increased ironsight FOV.
  • Renamed the 'Eagle .50' to the 'Desert Eagle' and the 'Homeland 37' to the 'Ithaca 37'. Removed unnecessary hyphens from others.
  • DLC weapons have been added to the ammo upgrades.
  • AR-16's sight has a red dot.

Weapon rebalances

Machete - The machete didn't have a real place in combat as stealth kills would still alert every enemy and it took several regular swipes to kill anyone. It is now useful in both stealth and as a regular melee weapon.

  • Machete stealth kills are silent.
  • 'Creeping' has been added to the machete so you can walk at half speed by holding the iron sight button.
  • Regular machete attacks are a one hit kill.

Pistols - I found the pistols were forgotten about once the SMGs were unlocked. They are now more viable.

  • Makarov & Silenced Makarov - +25% damage, 3x max ammo, magazine size increased to 12, -15% accuracy.
  • Star .45 - +40% damage, 3x max ammo, +33% effective range.
  • Desert Eagle - +50% damage, 2x recoil.

SMGs - The SMGs were always better than the pistols, so alongside buffing the pistols the SMGs have been slightly nerfed. The MP5 was also by far the worst assault rifle so it has been changed to a secondary, joining the other SMGs.

  • The MP5 is a secondary. As such it's ammo upgrade has been changed to the light assault webbing and it now gets ammo pickups from the other SMGs.
  • Some of the weapon upgrades have been changed to accommodate the MP5 as a secondary. The MP5 is automatically available at the start of Act 2. The Uzi is available as a reward from convoy mission 4 and the SVD is available as a reward from convoy mission 3. This has been done because the MP5 is the best SMG and the natural progression is MAC-10 -> Uzi -> MP5.
  • MAC-10 - +50% recoil.
  • Uzi - +50% recoil, improved reliability.
  • MP5 - +50% recoil, reduced reliability, reduced effective range.

Shotguns - In the original game they were underpowered and there was no reason to choose them over an assault rifle. They now excel within 50m.

  • All shotguns are more accurate with improved effective range.
  • Sawed-off shotgun - Uses shotgun ammo and fires each barrel individually.
  • SPAS12 - reduced magazine size to 9.
  • Silenced shotgun - reduced magazine size to 4.

Assault rifles - Enemies were particularly bullet spongey when shot at range with assault rifles, this should now be improved while maintaining their medium range specialisation.

  • All assault rifles effective range increased by 33%.
  • AR-16 - Now fully automatic.
  • Golden AK-47 - -50% Recoil.

LMGs - The PKM had way too much recoil and LMGs only became useful with the M249 Saw.

  • PKM recoil reduced by 20%.

Flamethrower - The flamethrower had pitiful range, limiting it's usefulness for both the player and enemies.

  • Flamethrower range tripled to 30m.
  • Flamethrower max ammo reduced by 50%.

Rocket launchers/explosive crossbow - All projectiles were very slow moving, especially the Carl G rockets.

  • RPG/Carl G - Projectile speed increased 2x.
  • Explosive crossbow - Projectile speed increased 2x, projectiles fire in an arc.

Mortar - The mortar is a specialised, high skill weapon. Despite this it had the same ammo capacity as the other explosive specials.

  • Mortar max ammo increased by 50%.

Vehicle improvements

  • Vehicle and boat speed increased, reduced the damage vehicles take from crashes.
  • Permanent windshield bullet holes.
  • DLC vehicles come in a variety of colours.
  • Improved hang glider stability when shot - you will lose some control and altitude but only be pushed into a nose dive under very heavy fire.
  • Increased look angle for the swamp boats so you can look behind you while driving.

Weapon/Upgrade shop improvements

  • Reorganised shop so the order of everything makes more sense (unfortunately this has broken the Upgrades section of the pause menu, you need to use the shop computer to see which upgrades you have bought).
  • All ammo, health and repair upgrades are available early in the game.
  • Weapons in the armory don't respawn instantly - there will be fresh stock next time you visit.
  • New vehicle upgrades have been added for the DLC vehicles.

Gameplay improvements

  • Time between malaria attacks increased x10.
  • Invincible buddies.
  • Emergency first aid - heal when out of syrettes by holding the heal button.
  • Playable female mercenaries.
  • Improved player agility - Increased stamina, increased sprint speed, reduced sprint turn penalty, increased jump height, increased slop climbing capability, reduced fall damage.
  • Improved stealth - reduced enemy perception pre-combat by 20%.
  • Changed the malaria pill animation to an existing rare animation, where the player pours out two pills and puts one back.
  • Reduced monocular sensitivity.
  • Briefcases that previously contained one diamond now contain two.
  • Explosive barrels now start fires.
  • Removed the flashing save reminder from safehouse icons on the map and GPS.
  • Optional limited navigation - remove the player arrow from the map and other map/GPS tweaks for an extra immersive experience.
  • Optional tutorial skip - start the game straight after the long-winded opening. Choose between a normal game start and one with all upgrades and weapons unlocked.
  • Optional limited saving - disable quicksave and saving from the pause screen. If chosen you can only save at safehouses, gun shops, bus stops and mission givers. No more save scumming!

Enemy improvements

  • Enhanced enemy arsenal - not only can enemies now use almost every weapon, I have made a full progression curve so while any weapon can be used at any moment they are more likely to use weaker weapons earlier and stronger weapons later.
  • Buddies also use more weapons and will go through their own progression curves.
  • Enemy infighting - patrols and camps will fight each other.
  • Patrol vehicles have been swapped to a more interesting variety and they now include ATVs, dune buggies and several utility truck variants.
  • Weapon convoy drivers and gunners are now unique enemy types that wear military style outfits and use high class weapons. These guys aren't fucking around any more, they want to protect the convoys and have brought the tools to do so. They are a new potential source of powerful vehicles and weapons if you can carefully take them out. If you take the easy way and blow up all the vehicles up you won't get anything extra.
  • Enemy vehicles use a mix of shotgun and assault enemies.
  • More unpredictable enemies - no behaviours are guaranteed.
  • The chance for enemies to chase you when driving through checkpoints has been reduced to 25%.
  • More black enemies.

Bug fixes

  • A new game executable is included that has been patched to use 4GB of RAM, this improves load times and game stability.
  • Restored missing big truck engine sounds.
  • Restored missing critical healing animations on Infamous difficulty.
  • Fixed the Jackal tape bug where the 10th tape repeats and you can't hear the remaining ones.
  • Fixed bouncing NPCs.
  • Fixed the silent phone call bug (mostly, use DirectX 9).
  • Fixed being able to see the edges of your arms when using the hang glider.
  • Fixed the hang glider bouncing on water - it is now buoyant and you can climb onto it while it is floating.
  • Fixed assassination targets having the same vision as snipers.
  • Fixed the MAC-10 being silent.
  • Fixed mouse speed clamping.

Unlocked DLC – Ubisoft authentication no longer required

  • Predecessor tapes.
  • Homemade and Primitive machetes.

Extra Customisation Options - You can add/customise these options with the included files and instructions. It's very simple and doesn't take more than a few minutes.

  • Shoot and throw grenades while driving and using mounted weapons.
  • A complete AI-enhanced texture pack.
  • Alternate weapon animations.
  • Weapon icons.
  • Map icons.
  • Syrette icon.
  • Remove HUD elements.
  • AR-16 & MGL-140 scope colours.
  • Malaria pill animation.
  • FPS cap.

7-Zip is required to extract the mod download, get it here.

Something not to your liking? Want to make your own mod? I've made a guide to Far Cry 2 modding that covers how to change everything in this mod and more, find it here.

I use a steam controller to play and my settings can be found by searching for "Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ (Tom's Mod) Binding"

Thank you to Kat for encouraging me to complete this, it’s been a long journey learning how everything works. Also thanks to the dead community of Far Cry 2 modders at, Marc for his help and ambition, BigTinz for Far Cry 2: Redux, the Infamous Fusion team and dannylh2 for Far Cry 2: New Dunia. Working out how they made their mods allowed me to make my own. This mod stands on the shoulders of giants.

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The Vanilla+ Mod Collection

Four Different Flavours of Far Cry 2

I have created four different mods for Far Cry 2 so that whatever your preference or playstyle there is something here for you. My aim is that whether you've never played Far Cry 2 or you’ve played it a hundred times there is a new experience to be had. Each mod has different options to choose from and in total there are 24 ways to play.

The base game has been tweaked and improved upon in addition to whole new features that have been added.

These are the best of the brand new features, available in every mod within the collection:

  • Enemy infighting - The world is now alive as the civil war rages around you and you are caught between both sides.
  • Expanded enemy arsenal - Now it’s not just you that has access to the heaviest firepower, the enemies come fully equipped too.
  • Silent machete assassinations - Time to unleash your inner Solid Snake because stealth kills won’t alert everyone around you!
  • Additional ‘gadget’ weapon slot - Choose either the flare gun or IEDs for an extra weapon slot accessible by pressing the machete button twice.
  • Weapon holstering - Put your weapons away and get immersed while looking for diamonds or taking screenshots.
  • Weapon inspecting - take a closer look at your weaponry and enjoy unique animations at the press of a button.
  • Improved graphics - Lots of improvements including further draw distance, improved LOD and better shadows. 60fps is targeted on all hardware and the changes scale so if you have a 2080ti or integrated graphics you will see graphical improvements.
  • New game+ mode - One playthrough not enough? Start again against tougher enemies and reacquire your weapons at the start of the game.
  • Optional limited saving - Turn up the difficulty or relive Far Cry 2 on console by limiting saving to in-game save points.

All of these come along with lots of gameplay tweaks including increased stamina, increased jump height, reduced fall damage, faster vehicles, swapped enemy patrol vehicles, less bullet spongey enemies and much more!

Check out each mod’s page for a full feature list, but let’s take a look at what the different versions include.

Vanilla Banner

This is my original mod, designed with the purpose of enhancing Far Cry 2 without changing the original feel. Seriously, every mod focuses on realism while the vanilla game is already great!

It might not be to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed Far Cry 2 as it came, malaria and bullet sponge enemies included. If you’ve never played before this version is first playthrough appropriate while adding enough to make the experience fresh for veterans.

There are no exclusive features in this version but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Realism banner

Something about Far Cry 2 inspires the desire for a brutal, immersive experience. The more recent Far Cry games have turned into playgrounds of destruction but Far Cry 2’s atmosphere and mechanics make you feel like the whole world is coming for you without mercy.

To cater to this Far Cry 2: Realism+ comes with two main exclusive features:

The first feature is 2x damage for both the player and enemies. This makes combat much more unforgiving and to cope with that enhanced first aid is included where the player can heal when out of healing syringes by holding the heal button.

The second feature is limited navigation. You’ll have to be aware of your surroundings as the map no longer shows your position, undiscovered outposts aren’t marked and there are no more objective arrows pointing you in the right direction. Coloured roadsigns that lead to objectives are also removed.

These features are available separately or together so the gameplay can be as realistic as you like.

Chill banner

Malaria getting you down? Getting annoyed by weapons exploding in your hands? Well Far Cry 2: Chill+ is for those that want to relax in Africa without the hassle of more survival orientated features.

I’ve included exclusive features designed to make things a little easier, such as unlimited stamina, unlimited breathing underwater and no fall damage. Sit back and relax with every weapon being available at the start of the game for reduced prices. Your buddies are invincible so there’s no fear of being out there alone. The most common complaints have also been addressed and time between malaria attacks has been increased x10 and weapon reliability has been increased x5. All of this comes with enhanced first aid so you’ll always be able to heal yourself.

Insanity banner

This is Far Cry 2 as you’ve never played it before. Playing more like a mix of Far Cry and Crysis, Far Cry 2: Insanity+ allows you to approach every encounter in a new way. Fight from rooftops and cliffs that were previously inaccessible, jump down from mountains or hang gliders as you attack, use hills as ramps and fly in vehicles that have a massive boost in power. You are now your enemies’ worst nightmare.

Your enemies know you’re coming though and have brought their heaviest firepower to try and fend you off. They come with their end-game weapons, plus extra grenade launchers. Enemy drivers always come equipped with flamethrowers so be prepared to watch the world burn. Your buddies also got the message and brought their own big guns, along with flamethrowers and grenade launchers.

And that’s it! I hope that everyone can find something here to enjoy.

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Far Cry 2: Chill+ (Tom's Mod) Complete - Save Anywhere

Far Cry 2: Chill+ (Tom's Mod) Complete - Save Anywhere

Full Version 8 comments

Save Anywhere - Save using quicksave and the pause menu.

Far Cry 2: Chill+ (Tom's Mod) Complete - Limited Saving

Far Cry 2: Chill+ (Tom's Mod) Complete - Limited Saving

Full Version

Limited Saving - Only save using in-game save points.

Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ Realism+ Chill+ Insanity+ Enhanced Texture Addon

Far Cry 2: Vanilla+ Realism+ Chill+ Insanity+ Enhanced Texture Addon

Full Version

Addon that upgrades every texture in the game with AI-enhanced versions.

An Almost Complete Guide to Far Cry 2 Modding

An Almost Complete Guide to Far Cry 2 Modding

Guides 30 comments

An in-progress project to document Far Cry 2 modding. Includes a guide, tools and files to assist any aspiring Far Cry 2 modder.


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Press the link under the Files section and the download is in there!

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