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In this article, we present the enemies that have been developed so far, as well as some concepts we have for future enemies.

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Welcome to Devlog #4


Hi again, everyone!

Today we're gonna talk about the enemies featured in the game, as well as some concepts for enemies that we intend to implement in the future.


For this project, we focused on creating a variety of challenging, yet interesting enemies, that complement each others' strengths and that together can easily overwhelm and overpower a more careless player.


Implemented Enemies


Being human/jaguar hybrids, the Jaguar units are fast and aggressive, and slightly smaller than the player. They tend to move together in a crowd, chasing the player around in the arena, and they perform a claw attack when they get close enough.


The Flyer is an aerial unit, the same size as the player, that moves throughout a set of waypoints defined for each combat encounter. Initially, the Flyer will move from its spawn, directly in to one of the available waypoints, and will constantly check for a line of sight to the player. Whenever it loses that line of sight for a certain period of time, the Flyer will search for an empty waypoint in order to restore it.


The Colossus is a bigger unit that has a significantly slower movement speed compared to other ground units, and it throws big projectiles at the player that deal AoE damage when they hit the ground. If the player gets too close, the Colossus will perform a sweep attack around itself to hurt the player and keep them away. There is only one unit of this type at any moment.

Future Enemy Concepts


The Shaman is a tall unit with a big crown of feathers. This unit will move similarly to the Flyer unit, using waypoints and trying to find a direct line of sight to the player while at the same time trying to stay relatively distant. The Shaman deals no damage; instead, it casts a beam at the player that constantly drains their lightning energy, and keeps it at zero once it reaches it. While the player's lightning energy is at zero, the Shaman buffs nearby enemies. This will force the player to avoid the Shaman's line of sight if they want to summon a thunder to spawn ammo pickups. There is only one unit of this type at any moment.


Sand-Man is a rare unit, same size as player. It can summon areas on the ground that deal damage, limiting the available moving space of the player. This unit moves slowly and tries to stay away from the player, summoning a damage dealing area around itself when they get too close.


A small drone unit that follows Flyers around, and buffs them, increasing their rate of fire or their damage. When buffing, the Drone links itself to the Flyer, lighting itself up and creating an aura around the buffed unit. One Drone can only buff one Flyer, and if that Flyer is killed, the Drone is destroyed as well.


The Boss unit will be a greater version of the Shaman, with an opulent crown of feathers and other accessories. It can summon up to four "eyes" around the arena that, like the Shaman, decrease the player's lightning energy when at least one of them has direct line of sight to them. The lightning energy will be kept at zero once that value is reached, and the Boss will buff all nearby enemies. The fight will consist of phases alternating between fighting minions and destroying the "eyes" summoned by the Boss, and dealing damage to it.

We hope you enjoyed the game concepts for our enemies in The Sixth Sun!


Thank you, and stay tuned for our weekly articles!

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