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Introducing and detailing one of Erebor's more unique heroes: Roäc the Raven-lord.

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Introducing one of Erebor's unique heroes:

Roäc the Raven-lord.

Roäc son of Carc was the Lord of Ravens during Thorin's time. Of old, the Dwarves of Erebor enjoyed a close relationship to these exceptionally intelligent birds - going so far as being able to communicate with them. Roäc was the bird that Thorin sent to the Iron Hills to contact his cousin, Dáin Ironfoot to come to their aid.

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In Age of the Ring, Roäc is an airborne support hero. He's unable to attack, which means he has to level up in a different way. Using the same system that was used in The Dwarf Holds, the player can purchase Roäc's levels from his first ability:

Rank 1: Lord of Ravens
Allows Roäc to grow in strength. Becomes more expensive the higher Roäc ranks up.
At rank 1, he gives +5% movement speed, at rank 3 he additionally gives +10% experience gain, at rank 5 he gives +10% movement speed.

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Rank 1: Subtle Ways
Roäc is useful, but vulnerable. In order to have a chance on a dangerous battlefield, he can conceal himself so long as he remains still.
Roäc becomes invisible while remaining still.

Rank 3: Unkindness of Ravens
Using mysterious-sounding calls and subtle magic, Roäc can slow down the enemy below him.
Enemy units below Roäc lose -7% movement speed.

Rank 3: Wisdom of Yore
Through years of gathering information and offering advice to the King Under the Mountain, the Ravens of Erebor have become skilled in lore and wisdom. Roäc, being the wisest of all, can offer his wisdom to provide experience to units.
Friendly units within the radius gain experience.

Rank 5: Messenger of the King
The Ravens of Erebor have always served as messengers between the various Dwarf kingdoms. As such, Roäc is able to summon a battalion of Iron Hills Warriors to aid the King in battle.
Summons one battalion of Iron Hills Warriors.

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Once again we hope you've enjoyed!
The AotR Team


Huh. I did not expect this.

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Nice birdy 😁

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In Dwarf Holds this hero was untargetable. Even archers on attack order ignore it while it travels around. Is it gonna be the same in this mod too or it will be killable ?

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Yeah in Dwarf Holds he was cheap. Occasionally a tower would hit him but only once and other units couldn't hit him. I feel like it had something to do with his height

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MathijsRevora Author

He’s killable.

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His ability to be invisible while standing still wouldn't make sense if he wasn't killable

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Hell yeah!

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That is actually really cool. A support hero is something we don't see a lot and usually don't have. You have herows with leadership but it's only one power, some have also the expetience giving power, but this bird is cooler than that

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