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Graphical overhaul is complete! New character voices. updated UI, new mechanics changes, and more!

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Hey guys!

Last month has been a long ride. We did a lot of stuff so let's dive right it.

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We've recently added voice overs to the game. So far we only have voices for the first 3 playable characters for the game. Here's a short preview of them in action.

Lots of changes to the UI went into this month's build. Here you can see I changed the world map, menu screen, buttons, dialogue, and also the cards.

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A few new gameplay mechanic changes are also here. Cards that deal Area of effect damage is now more effective against larger enemies since it deals 25% of the original damage for every tile occupied by the large unit. For example, this giant spider occupies 9 tiles in total. The Ice barrage card deals 8 damage to each enemy inside the area. But for large units, it deals 8 damage to one tile occupied by the spider and 2 more to each subsequent tile. So that's 8 + (2 x 8 tiles) = 24 damage in total.

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I hope that makes sense.

Btw, we're soon releasing a new playable demo with all these cool new stuff in it. Stay tuned!

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Thanks again!


On 1st YT vid title screen that bright blue grid is nice, but a bit too strong. Decrease intensity a little bit.

+Nice work with the world map.
+Good 3D lighting on the maps.
+GUI and font size is pleasant to look at.

You could increase the font on the cards selection screen - "replace up to 2 cards" -, A'la Heartstone. Bliz had nice fat big fonts everywhere.

Looking forward to your project. Perfect inspiration to read such news, while developing our game. :)

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DrixStudios Author

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated

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