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The dwarves of yore made mighty spells, While hammers fell like ringing bells In places deep, where dark things sleep, In hollow halls beneath the fells.

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The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

dwarf spellbook


Dwarven Skill
The dwarves of Erebor, and indeed those in all of Middle-earth, were the children of Aulë, or Mahal as the dwarves called him, the Vala that was responsible for crafting the materials that shaped Arda itself. As such, they possessed an innate understanding of stone and other materials. Thorin's Company in Erebor managed to barricade the huge gate of Erebor with little time to spare, and Gimli son of Glóin instructed the Men of Rohan to block the culvert in Helm's Deep, being the first there to understand its weakness.

Dwarven Skill repairs structures within its radius.

Ravens of Erebor
Of old, the Dwarves of Erebor held the Ravens in high honor. They spoke to them as a means of gathering news from the vast lands that surrounded their stronghold, and took them as a symbol of Thrór's line, featuring them on their banners. Thorin sent ravens to his kin in the Iron Hills, and it was Roäc, son of Carc, who informed Thorin of Dáin's arrival. He had another message for the King, however: 'this treasure will likely be your death.'

Ravens of Erebor allow you to spy on your enemy, as well as increase your troops' speed and fear resistance.

Horn of Erebor
Wrought from the giant horn of some primordial caprine-creature, the Horn of Erebor was used during ceremonial events, such as the birth of a Prince or the start of Dúrin's Day celebrations. During the Battle of the Five armies, it was sounded by Bombur, sounding Thorin's charge. It's booming echo boosted the morale of the dwarven troops, while frightening the orcs.

Horn of Erebor grants your troops extra damage, while decreasing the enemies' armor and speed.




Deep Delving
None could match the skill of the dwarves when it came to mining for precious metals - and few could match their greed. Both of these things were what led to the awakening of the Balrog in Khazad-dûm and the subsequent slaying of Dúrin VI. From then on, Khazad-dûm would be known as Moria, the Black Pit. For the most part, however, the combined skill and greed of the Dwarves has resulted in them becoming very wealthy indeed.

Deep Delving passively increases the resource output of Mineshafts by 25%.

Muster the Dwarves
Dwarves are fiercely loyal to their own. They do not forget insults suffered, and are unlikely to be the first to back down from confrontations. When their lord calls upon their oaths, they will drop what they are doing and pick up their axes, ready to go to war. When Azog took Thrór's head, Thráin mustered the six Houses of the dwarves and waged a six-year war against the orcs, sacking their settlements all across the Misty Mountains. Later that age, Dáin Ironfoot and his warriors marched tirelessly in full battle gear to come to Thorin's aid, ready to die for the honor of their house.

Muster the Dwarves temporarily decreases recruitment time for dwarf units.

Fully Armed and Filthy
When the need for battle arises, the dwarves lose no time to clad themselves in thick, superior armor, wrought from the finest alloys. A fully armed legion of dwarves is something to greatly fear, and Gimli was right to wish to have one present during the Battle of the Pelennor.

Fully Armed and Filthy equips dwarves within the radius with heavy armor.

Send in the Goats
The cliffs of Erebor and Iron Hills are home to a race of large goats. They are sturdy and stubborn creatures, so it is no wonder that the dwarves relate to them on a temperamental level. They have domesticized them, using them as beasts of burden and war mounts.

Send in the Goats summons a double line of unmounted goats that will trample and crush the enemy.



Durin's Day
Durin the Deathless was the first of the seven Fathers of the Dwarves to awaken during the Years of Trees, soon after the awakening of the Elves at Cuivienen. He woke beneath Mount Gundabad and was the first to walk through the wild lands in and around the Misty Mountains, giving names to nameless places. He became the King of the Longbeards, also known as Durin's Folk, and settled in Khazad-dûm. He died nearly 2.500 years old, by far the oldest dwarf to have ever lived.

The dwarves call him Deathless still, believing that he would reincarnate seven times before the end of the world, and indeed there have been several Longbeard Kings that were named after him for being so like in manner and appearance. The seventh and final Durin was the son of Thorin III Stonehelm, who was the son of Dáin Ironfoot. He was the one that finally reclaimed Khazad-dûm for the dwarves and restored it as a great Kingdom in the Fourth Age. There Durin's folk lived until finally the days of the dwarves were ended.

Durin's Day was a sacred day for the dwarves. When on the first day of the last moon of autumn the sun and moon were seen in the sky together, they believed the spirit of Durin was closest to the mortal realm. In AotR, Durin's Day is a weather power that stuns enemies across the map and slowly heals all friendly troops.

There's no telling where the earth has hid its riches. When the dwarves find the motherlode, they tend to dig straight back up to the surface, creating the shortest route to extract their newfound riches.

Undermine summons a dwarven mine that knocks enemy units back when summoned, generates resources, and connects to the tunnel network.

Moria Reclaimed
Khazad-dûm was the ancestral home of Durin's folk. It was a place of wealth and splendor, the crowning achievement of dwarven skill. When it was lost to Durin's Bane, the expeditions were launched to reclaim it were often met with disastrous results. Late in the Third Age, Gandalf the Grey defeated Durin's Bane in single combat. It did not take long for dwarven scouts to realize the creature had gone. A legion of heavily armored warriors then entered Moria, intent on reclaiming it from the goblins, one hall at a time. It wasn't until Durin VII's reign that they finally completed their task.

Moria Reclaimed summons three battalions of upgraded Khazad-dûm Veterans. They can sound the Hymn of Durin, reducing the armor of nearby enemies.



Thrór's Hoard
The Hoard of King Thrór was legendary: gold beyond measure, uncounted scores of gem-inlaid armor and weapons, chests of jewelry and trinkets whose beauty was unparalleled during that age of Middle-earth. Thrór grew obsessed with the expansion of his wealth at all costs, until the price was finally paid: Smaug the Great descended from the Withered Heath, drawn by the massive quantity of gold hidden away in Erebor's vaults. The Dragon lay waste to the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and took Thrór's hoard as his own, sending those that survived the onslaught into a life of hardship, until Thorin, Thrór's grandson, built a new life for them in the Blue Mountains. It was this same dwarf who would eventually lead the expedition to reclaim Erebor and the hoard within, a quest that would claim his life.

Thrór's Hoard summons a hoard of gold that, once picked up, grants a large amount of resources. Take care where to cast it though, as your greed will invariably summon an unwanted adversary...

Using their vast network of tunnels and mineshafts, the dwarves are able to cave in the earth below their enemies, dealing great damage to their structures and sending their armies in disarray.

Cave-in is Erebor's version of the vanilla Earthquake, and functions in much the same way.

hoard1 hoard2

That's it for this article. Hope you enjoyed, and maybe learned something new about Tolkien's dwarves!

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