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You have once again entered...The world of Survival Horror. Yup, I'm taking a crack at converting Resident Evil into the Doom engine. This is my first wedding project, and hopefully it'll help me learn the ends and outs of this engine to make my own original IP. I am needing a little help though, I'm needing the original game on Dos (or some nice people to send me the textures from the original game) thank you, guys. I hope to update you all as much as possible, I promise

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That was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!

I hope to recreate the full Mansion (Mansion, Guardhouse, Courtyard, and Laboratory) within the Doom engine. My main intent in doing this is to get an idea on how to make one level that has enough content to satisfy as a full game. I hope to add an inventory system into the engine (Jill gets 8 spaces in her inventory, while Chris gets 6). I also hope to add a hit box system to all of the enemies, giving the player an incentive to slow down and use Iron Sights. Speaking of Iron Sights; I plan on having a unique system with that. I want there to be hip firing (normal doom gameplay) but hip shooting will only lead to torso shots. Using the Iron Sights, although useful in getting head shots, will stop the player dead in his/her's tracks, and force them into a 360 turning aim (just like every Resident Evil game up till 6). Ammo will be scarce, just like the original, so iron sights will be you best friend, but flanking enemies will make you second think about using it over the bob and weave Doom gameplay. All the puzzles will be intact, and the whole layout will be there.

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Good luck!
Hope it's in a first person view, since the 1996 game was originally a FPS.
And try to use the remake version as a source, i think it could fit better.

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Good Luck!

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