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In brief, my personal life is obstructing my progress somewhat.

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So, from the top.
I am working on all of MOD's (spreading time equally across them).
I am not just going to give up on them (do I look like EA).
To the question of how much progress am I actually making, some progress but slowly.
How much time am I working with, 18-26 hours per 14 days.
My computer usage is limited, and the start/stop is getting annoying for me let alone anyone else.

I know how much you probably all hate the guts out of me by now, and to all the haters I say...

Sod off if you can't be bothered to have any patience to wait.

To those who can be bothered to have a scrap of patience, I say good for you and I'm glad you're still continuing to read this message, and give yourself a pat on the back.

As for why is my computer usage limited; I have a farther who puts modders and hackers in the same bag.
I hate Cheaters, Glitchers, Laggers and Hackers, but I myself am a MOD creator.

By the way, to those who use Hacks for GTAV, you're a F###ing D### head, and you're giving MOD's a bad name and reputation. Just because some stupid D### head imbecile calls a Hack a MOD, don't make it a MOD. MOD's are non-intrusive, and a given game will support it. A Hack is very intrusive and shows a complete lack of respect for other users of a given product, ruining the gaming experience for everyone.

For anyone wondering if I am a pot calling out kettles, I'm not.
My MOD's do not interfere with other peoples games.
My MOD's may not be compiled and installed conventionally, but they won't break data of games.
My MOD's can easily be removed if needed.
My RA2YR MOD is just not compiled as a single file (tools not working, either because something's wrong, or because I lack knowledge on how to use them, or both).

If I had an engine or knew how to code an engine, I would prefer to choose that path.
Though, then my MOD's would become games, and they would need to change names entirely.

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Take your time bro. REAL LIFE FIRST! If people cant wait for you to launch more stuff, then they need to learn how to create mods and do coding and all that other time consuming stuff and make their own mods. I appreciate the work you and other MOD creators put in. I play around on different games myself with small time modding ,but it is nowhere even remotely close to what you and others do. Hang in there we will be here when you are ready man.

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