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You heard it! Or read it... but still. Yes, it's out.

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Well, it's been some 7 or so months of hard work put into this thing, but it's finally out.

Go ahead and download QC: Doom Edition

You'll need either Zandronum 3.0 (Single and multiplayer) or Gzdoom (Single player only).

Installation is easy as pie. Install the engine and then uncompress the QCDE zip files in the same folder. From there, just run the .bat files to start playing.

You can also download the QCDE soundtrack to play along! nothing like some really rocking tunes!

Remember that for Deathmatch, we have two mapsets dedicated for QCDE with strategic quake-like item placement (as opposed to doom's "weapons in every corner").

Get AeonQCDE: A modified AeonDM with it's 33 maps:

And QCDEmaps: 7 maps with remakes of some Quake Champions, Doom 2016 and even a Quake 3 maps

If you want to run a custom Single Player mapset, just drag and drop the .wad into the "single player" .bat and it'll just work ;)

"But what mapsets to try?" you may ask. Well, here's some recommendations from the QC:DE team.

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Rip and tear!

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It's not to be heretic. You can frag me for say that BUT...what about to make this with UnreaL mutators. I will love this monsters soDOOMized hehe or the items and the weapons too.
Any way, BigFuckingGame congratulations for make QC:DE is very fun but the most important for me (the mod originally don't focus on that) the singleplayer. Is very veeery awesome be Caleb in a DOOM world with quake weapons killing aliens from Xen, for example.This things turn on fire a mod based on the Arena mechanics.
A Slayer is thankful...Rip&Tear;!

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