Hello there! It's my new remake of original Doom II maps. There are dynamic lights only and a lot of new features now. Some places or elements were reworked, but i tried to keep original view. Also, this map-pack not using a new textures or sprites and have full compatibility with some mods or texture-packs (for example, Brutal Doom bugging somewhere, but it's not fatal, i guess) :3.

Please, read Requirements bellow. And yeah, sorry for my awful english...

Current version:

  • HontE Remastered v 1.1 (16 Dec 2017)
  • HontE Remastered v 1.1 FOGZ (16 Dec 2017)

Last fixes:

  • - Some fixes in logic, lights, textures, effects, e.t.c.
  • - Fixed brightness of scripted lights in GZDoom 3 and higher (after switch, somehow, they were really bright a lot)
  • - A lot of little fixes and expansions at all maps (they are small, and 100% you will not find them).
  • - No more "boobs" on the ground. Now it's nets of vertices.
  • - All scripts at all maps have unique names now (no more problems with same numbers).
  • - All objects at maps have a class attachment (1 to 5), because some mods checking them.
  • - Now you can open and close some doors in process.
  • - Now you can turn off instant kill in some places. Use console command honte_instakill 0/1 for this.
  • - Now you can take damage from lava and slime streams.
  • - Also you can change mechanics of damage of lava streams. Use console command honte_streaminteraction 0/1/2 for this (0 - no damage; 1 - 1HP in 1\35 sec; 2 - 5HP in 2 sec for slime and 20HP in 2 sec for lava if honte_instakill 0. BUT! Costume not protecting from streams, and i can't fix it :C
  • - Crusher switch at MAP06 has been moved into original place. But if you want use it, you need turn on 4 power switches around
  • - Fixed visual paradox at MAP06 when you can see skybox at the place when should be wall (ceiling in the room much higher than outside)
  • - Added switch indicator at MAP12 (in the end)
  • - Reworked start-room at MAP13. Now it looks more like station.
  • - Now you can get inside some places with IMPS at MAP13 (i really don't like places with monsters where you can't get)
  • - Portal at MAP13 now has a portal sign. Stop walking around it, damnit! XD
  • - Fixed same visual paradox as paradox at MAP06
  • - Reworked end of MAP17. Now it's more logical corridors.
  • - Reworked stones in slime at MAP21. Now they have ladders, because old mechanics was strange as hell.
  • - Fixed missing textures at MAP22 (i think same thing was at MAP27, so i hope that will fix some strange FPS lagging)
  • - Fixed spawn-spots of some monsters at MAP26. Now they not dying at the start if you use some mods.
  • - Reworked exit from secret with Cacos at MAP26 (Huge opening rock wall was really stupid)
  • - Reworked scripts and mechanics of last battle at MAP30. Now you can't activate trigger with 0 damage (for example, laser pointer). Also, you can't activate trigger more than 1 time.
  • - Added counter of hits trigger at MAP30
  • - Now boss has a shield at the "weak spot". It disappears only if skull button was pressed (what the f*** i just said).
  • - Now different mods (i will not point at... >:C ) can't replace code of "head", because MAP30 using copy of original "head" (yep, that's not even new actor, just 1 string in DECORATE).
  • - Expanded the end of battle at MAP30 (a little bit)


Required version GZDoom or higher. For older versions of GZDoom you can find and download special FOGZ version this map-pack (link below).

HontE Remastered FOGZ

Warning! Running only in OpenGL mode! Size and intensity of dynamic lights should be equal 1.0. Other values - not recommended.

ALSO! Zandronum is not supported! Do not complain about bugs if you use it!

Walkthrough (old):

Other series of walkthrough you can find here


All information about it you can find on my page (in blogs). May be not so much details, but i'll try to give a main news about development.

Known bugs:

- Sectors with water working not correctly in Brutal Doom and Project Brutality. Headshots above the water can freeze your computer for a while. Also, punched monsters in the water just exploding without any reason. IMPs multiplying in water and s***ng a tonns of brutal bonuses (Partly fixed in new Brutal Doom, but still bugged in Project Brutality).

- Lamps in Brutal Doom keeps light even when broken. It occurs, because dynamic lights and lamps are different things. I can make light into lamps, but if you'll break them, some places will drown in darkness.

- Punched IMPs into chasm is not counted as killed by player. WTH i just said... Anyway, when you trying to punch IMP into chasm on map20 (with Brutal Doom or Project Brutality of course), he (or she... whatever) turns to something that isn't "monster". So, theoretically, you kill monster (body disappeared, corpse spawned), but it isn't counted as killed.


  • Q: The lava kills me fast. Can i set it off?
  • A: Yes. Now you can. Use honte_instakill 0/1 console command. Alos you can switch lava and slime streams mechanics. Use console command honte_streaminteraction 0/1/2 for this (0 - no damage; 1 - 1HP in 1\35 sec; 2 - 5HP in 2 sec for slime and 20HP in 2 sec for lava if honte_instakill 0.
  • Q: Why all levels in full darkness and i can't see nothing?
  • A: Check your GZDoom settings. Make sure, that dynamic lights are alowed and values of size and intensity close to 1.0. And yeah, map-pack not working in software mode.
  • Q: Why all textures are grey?
  • A: Turn off "Force additive lightning"
  • Q: Where i can change all settings?
  • A: Options/Display options/OpenGL options/Dynamic lights options. Also you can change some another options for your self. Try it, but please, do not report me about it... (Attention, in new versions of GZDoom, some settings are not available anymore).
  • Q: What means FOGZ version?
  • A: A: FOGZ - For Other GZdoom. Some effects look wrong in some old and some different versions of GZDoom. FOGZ version cuts some effects for compatibility.
  • Q: Why all liquids are almost invisible?
  • A: WAD require certain version of GZDoom. If you see liquids like this (screenshot below), you can use FOGZ version of my WAD. In this version liquids will look like normal (but they will keep depth)

Screenshot Doom 20170727 131520

Screenshot Doom 20170727 131426

  • Q: What it means - HontE ?
  • A: Actually, HontE means Hell ON The Earth. And yeah, i know meaning of this word in french language :3
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HontE Remastered (v 1.1 FOGZ)

HontE Remastered (v 1.1 FOGZ)

Full Version 15 comments

WARNING! It's version for compatibility. Look requirements below

HontE Remastered (v 1.1)

HontE Remastered (v 1.1)

Full Version 27 comments

Hello there! It's my new remake of original Doom II maps. There are dynamic lights only and a lot of new features now. Some places or elements were reworked...

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Is there any Ultimate Doom or Plutonia equivalent?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I just discovered this mod for the first time today and I love it. Fantastic work.

Is there anything like this for The Ultimate Doom?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

+1 would love to know if a similar UD mod is hiding out there :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I did a similar work with doom 2 maps but this has the UDMF effect. Very nice job. I played the first 6 now and wanted to say thank for the effort.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Отличная работа! Классика заиграла новыми красками.
Планируются какие-либо ещё ремастеры?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yeah it fits with EVP and Project Fatality-- i mean Brutality

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wooo can't wait to do a blind PT/LP of this with Project Brutality bleeding edge and UV UltraNM difficult >:)

Oh and without dying too

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Just finished it... it's amazing!!!!!!
Definitely in love with the dynamic elements like the train and collapsing buildings. The downtown level is epic as well truly feels like a city now. Final boss was very challenging and a neat twist on the vanilla fight.

I do have 2 nitpicks though: Insta-kill lava pools and a lot of areas being way too dark (though the latter could be a gzdoom thing). But overall, VERY well done :D

I did a gameplay video showcasing highlights of the mod with Brutal Doom if anyone is interested :)

*Shameless self-promotion*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It is very dark, but darkness is additional pro for me with brutal doom v21 flashlight :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
+Ku6EPyXOBEPTKA+ Creator

Nice :) Btw, you can turn off insta killing lava. Use console command honte_instakill 0

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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