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A look at the last few months of progress in developing the Shadow of the Ramlord.

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A Few Months Later

The last few months have been radio silent, I know. I apologize for how long it's taken me to pass through another development diary but I've been hard at work contending both with an increased workload at my IRL job, and polishing the script as much as possible. I have more than a few exciting pieces of new media and information to share below, which outlines all three main characters as well as a slew of new screen captures.

The script will be finalized and recording ready on or before October 1st. With that milestone achieved, I can place my full attention on to the visual, game and polish aspects of the mod and maps themselves. I've sorted an enormous working list for myself from polishing inventory item descriptions, to integrating quest/memo prompts throughout and making sure the pacing lives up to snuff. While 100% of the mod is now at least geometrically set up, only about 40% of it is visually complete. There is a lot to do still, but it doesn't have me worried as much as it did in months past. The project is coming into it's own, and I'm more and more excited to share and release it as the weeks roll by.

Shadow of the Ramlord

It's time we talked details. SOTR will have six maps to play through, with a seventh existing but being primarily an interactive cutscene/series of narrative events. While there won't be any back tracking, hub areas, or new complexities added to the Amnesia formula I can promise that, instead, I'm aiming to achieve as bug-free and immersive of an experience as possible.

It will be story-first. The story is woven in a complex way that should keep players engaged throughout, with a carefully determined amount of lines, journal entries, flashbacks and so forth. The genre is weird fiction/occultism, with a focus on in-map details relating to the story and being able to experience a sinister series of events in real time. There will be monsters, a few puzzles, and a couple easter eggs but the primary focus of SOTR is to encapsulate the style I've used for years. I won't be rewriting the book on Amnesia, nor will I be blowing the barn doors off with a ton of experimental things. You must remember, this is my first Amnesia mod. Rather than torture myself to learn the minutiae of the engine, I am zeroing in on what I'm best at.

  • +Six Maps + A Seventh Cutscene Only
  • +45-60 Minutes of Gameplay from start to credits
  • +One or two well developed monster encounters
  • +We will at least experience 2/3 of the characters perspectives, by playing them.
  • -No sanity system at all
  • -No tinderbox system at all
  • Nothing world changing. Quality over quantity.
  • Release date is tentatively very early 2019

What's next?

We continue to work! And work some more. I want to keep a lid on our affairs until we're excited to show them, and they're presentable in quality. For now, that means the next step will be a full fledged story trailer in time for Halloween, with a definitive release date projected at that time. If you would like to help in level design, there is always room for one more. You can contact us below at any of the prompts, though I'm easiest to reach on Discord. With that said, enjoy the character teasers and new media, and I hope to talk to you guys again soon.

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