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The new release of NProject Mod is now available! Check it out here!

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That's right guys. The new new NProject Mod release is now available. This new version further improve the game much more compared to the previous version. Almost all bugs in ZH have been fixed as far as possible, including numerous graphical/sound issues. New units and features given to existing generals, also not forget several balance tweaks for more fluid gameplay.

What's new in this version? If you forgot or just to lazy to dig the updates archive, here's the key features in this version:

Boss Combat Bike Weapons Boss Terrorist

Remember this one? Now the Boss Leang Combat Bike can be used by all of her infantry to use the Combat Bike (except Angry Mobs for obvious reason). The weapon will changed depend on the rider. It still starts with Terrorist.
And because of this too, now Boss General can build Terrorist from her Barracks.
"Suicide is not a tactic, I did it for lulz." - General Leang

New Challenger Has Come!

Demo General got his own Generals Challenge stage. Face the force of fanatic people strapped with explosives. Watch out for the mines, trickery, and terror assault!
"Please General, enter my battlefield." - General Juziz

Heavy Toxin Tractor Twin-Gattling Tank for General Kwai
Stealth General GLA Sniper Model Update Laser General Laser Paladin

New unit, new unit, and new units. Just click the images above for more information.
But unfortunately, the new Laser Paladin ability cannot be found in this version. It got cut because this ability still too overpowered and can be abused. Until the correct balance is made, Laser Paladin just got model update now.

GLA Fake Buildings Fake Toxin Tunnel Network

Be prepared for the greatest mindraep in modding history! GLA now have new Fake Buildings to play with. There are fake defenses, and most notably the Fake SCUD Storm. These buildings behave like their real counterparts, but do no real damages. Just click at the first picture to watch the video about these structures.

Download NProject Mod v2.7 from ModDB

CnCMaps mirror:


What can i say... **** AWESOME!!!

Guess i have to re-install the game again just to give this a go ^^

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Finally... The time has come.
One question, is this the final release?

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n5p29 Author

no, this is not the final release.
but almost all necessary things have been implemented in this version.

after this, mostly are non-major balances and improvements, putting several things that left and haven't been implemented in this version, and more importantly enabling the campaign. when these things done, that's what vanilla NProject Mod is.

after that, NProject Mod 3.0 will be started, where you will find two more new generals, game modes, and much more things.

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"Suicide is not a tactic, I did it for lulz." - General Leang
true very true -_-

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n5p29 one problem plz help me i downloaded it 2.7 then i downloaded it in c and c generals zero hour folder in c then i started nprojectmod then it started but original game only started not the nprojectmod so plz help me!!

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n5p29 Author

something broken with your game directory.
try uninstall the ZH, and clean any remaining files there. after that, install back the ZH, patch it to 1.04, and install the mods again.

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