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Polish is absolutely neccessary part of development cycle. And I love it. There is just something soothing about smoothening the corners of your game, making it shine a lot more than before.

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this will be very quick devlog about new version of A Knight Never Yields. As I am entering polish stage of development cycle I have reworked first level of the game. It still plays the same, but it feels totally different - mainly because I made the whole level more spacey (Hello Kevin).


I have also added some particles, like smoke from abyss or soft mist just above the ground. You can also find some new assets scattered around the level. There will be more (chandelier, benches, prayer tables...), but I must create them first.

Next update should bring in more updated levels, so look forward to that. If you want to find out about the game current stage and play it, follow this link.

Take care!


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