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After long wait the beta release is here! Now even easier to deploy and able to create custom NCF packs!

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NCF Configuration Utility is here!

You can start downloading it now.

It comes with a new design and improved set of features for faster pack deployment.


Some of the changes in this release:

- Now supports MMH55 RC10 Beta 4
- supports clean NCF pack convention which allows users to add their own packs
- Official packs are provided directly from the "cloud' which allows updating the packs on the go.
- Creatures are now separated which allows the players to deploy only a chosen set from the whole pack.

Check out the NCF Utility tutorial & FAQ in case you have any issues with it.

New creature pack!

With this release we have added a new pack called the Chaos pack. It is an upgraded version of the NCF Megapak which includes a bunch of new creatures for the total number of 403! Some of the new creature sources are - Psatka's work, Chaos Theory, Sanctuary mode, Księga Czarodzieja and other.

Moreover the changes are not only in regards to quantity but to quality too! Now all creatures are separated, have in-game icons, have editor icons, editor names, some creature mana pool increased to be able to cast all their spells properly, all the creatures are considered factionless/neutral.

Have in mind that creatures come as is - no balance changes are done so be careful when adjusting monster strength! There is a reason why it is called the Chaos pack.

Here are a few screens of what new is inside!

NCF all

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