Yes, mod was ded. But now mod is dedn't. Enjoy the tease.

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Its been forever since coming back to this page.

I admit I have sort of forsaken this mod for the longest time. Partially, since I found out that there was already another Tau Enclaves mod in the works for much longer. So I stopped.

Guess what, I'm unstopping. The Farsight Enclaves are gonna get reworked, remastered and revamped to full play-ability for not only Dawn of War but also... Unification. If it wasn't obvious, I'm now working on this as part of the Unification team.

What does this mean for Farsight Enclaves mod? Access to more resources art-wise, sound-wise, code-wise as well as collaborative guidance from senior veteran modders. Of course, for streamlining reasons, any further updates will be on the Unification mod page itself and its Discord which you should check out down here!

I am glad and excited to be once again working on one of my favourite factions of the grim dark sci-fantasy setting. Hope I do it justice and give all you players the fun you deserve!

Thanks and once again, sorry for my exile!

(If you wanna know what else I was doing the entire time, it was this. )

Small teaser image:Image that is small teaser


this is totaly a good news ! and glad you come back for this mod !

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Welcome back brother!

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it would be a good addition to the xenos list for Unification, your Mod definitely deserves to be on that list

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Keep up the fright bro!

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