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December has begun around the world which means voting booths are now live on all mod profiles, and it's time for the players to nominate the 2021 Mod of the Year.

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Mod of the Year Awards

The 2021 Mod of the Year awards have officially begun! This event is a celebration of the tireless dedication of the mod community, and aims to highlight the incredible work that has been produced by them throughout the year.

Modding Always Survives

If 2020 was about holding on whilst the world crumbles around you, 2021 was about picking up the pieces. Some have been fortunate enough to see life returning, somewhat, to normal, with vaccine rollouts and community collaboration just about getting us back on our feet. Some are, unfortunately, still caught in the wave of chaos that erupted last year. Through it all, however, ModDB has flourished, our community has stood firm, and modding has persevered regardless of the challenges laid before us.

Mods and the modding landscape remains a perpetual hype, year in and year out, and a reason to always be hopeful for what the future holds. No matter how bad it gets, passion and creativity win the day, and the time has come to say thank you to all the modders that made 2021 just a little easier to get through than 2020!

Phase 1: Nominations Begin

From now, over the next 10 days, voting will be open for every mod on the site. Simply visit that mod's mod profile to find the voting booth, and click “vote now” to vote for that particular mod if you think it's worthy of making into the final Top 100.

Phase 2: The Top 100

The day after voting closes, on December 11, the Top 100 mods will be unveiled, calculated from those user votes over the first 10 days of voting. A new round of voting will then begin, with users voting over the another 10 days to determine which of those Top 100 mods is worthy of being crowned Mod of the Year for 2021.

Phase 3: Mod of the Year 2021 Awarded

With those final votes calculated, as we move closer to Christmas, the winners will gradually be revealed over the following stages:

  • Editors Choice Awards (22nd December)
  • Players Choice: Unreleased Mod (27th December)
  • Players Choice: Mod of the Year 2021 (28th December)

Promote Your Mod To Help Get Votes!

Modders, you should make as much noise about your game as possible to get it in front of potential voters! Luckily, we've created some tools to help you do just this.

Win Games for Voting

Every member from the community who votes has a chance to win a game from our #modlove collection. The more you participate, promote the awards and encourage your friends to vote the better your chance. In addition to this the winning mod teams will be heavily promoted across our network, get the prestigious honor of being able to include the award badge where-ever they damn well please, and be introduced to publishers interested in taking their idea to the next level.

oty prizes

Supported by

The 2021 awards are proudly supported by Launch an official mod community for your game with powerful moderation, discovery, events, marketplace and metrics systems, using our cross-platform mod SDKs and plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine. Interested in adding mods to your game and finding out more? Reach out for a demonstration.

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William Faure
William Faure

Hell yeah! Let's celebrate mods once more! ✌️😉

Just recently I have released my new mod, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single-Player & Cooperative, and personally I'm anxious to know how far it will get. This is really exciting. Let's freakin' go!! 🥳

So go ahead and vote for your favorite mods, everyone! And good luck, fellow modders! 🤟

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INtense! Staff

Can't believe this is the 20th annual Mod of the Year! 2 decades of mods, tell us what you are working on - can't wait to vote :D

Reply Good karma+7 votes

Let's vote for my annual, secret favorite. By the way, once you voted for a mod of the year, and the window expanded, there's still this error of "it's quest" instead "its quest" in the template. I didn't write anything all these years, but I believe it's high time to correct this one. xD

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MOTY is a great tradition. First time I voted was in 2004 – happy to see it's still going all these years later!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Where can we see how many votes each mod has so far?

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My [DOOM Remake] Mod: The remake of the original DOOM game with my own perspective and the Age of Empires 2 game engine... An isometric tactical shooter DOOM mod...


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In your Top 100 is BFME Reforged which isn't a mod its a game and its not for the game its tagged its for Unreal Engine but listed as BFME.

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