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Lone Wolf's development has been going on for over 2 and a half years (3 years in April).
Lone Wolf has been an evolution of ideas and work and is constantly changing,i'm always looking for inspiration for the mod.
Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unusual of places a lot of ideas for Lone Wolf have stemmed from MMOs like LOTRO.
There is an unmistakable link between MMORPGS and RTS the 2 share a lot of things and borrow things from each other.
With Lone Wolf I have been implementing some more MMO style units into BFME.
BFME is a very basic game with a basic set up.
the standard Infantry,Archer,Cavalry,Pike,Hero and Siege set up is easier to develop and balance but I think not as fulfilling.
Games tend to become over streamlined and players will often just use the same Strategy and Build Orders every time with Lone Wolf I have added other unit types to add more depth to the game I have added Spearmen,Shieldmen,Elites,Scouts,Specialist and Support units.

There are units like the Lightbearers which are support/specialist units that can be upgraded so that can use Heals,Buffs,Attacks and Fear moves.
This adds something that wasn't in BFME originally,Lightbearers are more of a micro based unit and take a while to learn how to use them fully.

Lone Wolf is now in public beta for the first time and I am starting to put a large focus on Balance which will be the biggest challenge for the mod yet.

With Lone Wolf I hope to have an epic experience that is not just all show but a very well crafted mod that will be played online with it's own player community something which hasn't really been done with BFME mods yet.

Part of the vision I have for Lone Wolf is WAR a special set of maps that will add different playing oppurtunities it will be more Team based then the Vanilla game.
I am hoing that WAR will take up and people will help in it's evolution to make it competitive and fun.
WAR is all about User input players can make their own WAR maps.
WAR will also have it's own ladder for play.
WAR is not just for Lone Wolf I am hoping that other BFME mods will also take it up.
So for Age of Numenor is the only other mod too take it up (it could be because this is also my mod).

I am undertaking a large project for Lone Wolf called Cruel Winter while I won't say what it involves but is a large addition and will set Lone Wolf a long way apart from other mods.

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Still around?

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um do u have an installer for this cuz otherwise i wont be able to play it

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Oden1234 - - 556 comments

how hard is it to open the 7z file and place the .big file in your "My Battle for Middle Earth Files folder... now if you need a 7z archive manager, see my profile...

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