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We're back again for an incredible 20th time with the 2021 Mod of the Year Awards. As we do every year, now's the time to look back and give talented mod makers the gratitude they deserve for their creativity throughout 2021.

Last year, the legendary Age of the Ring took first place. Second place went to the respectable Mental Omega, with the classic Project Reality taking the third spot. If you want a look at how the rest of the placing went in 2020, check out the rest of player's choice for released and upcoming, as well as the editor's picks for 2020.

Show your support and start hitting those vote buttons for your favorite mods (and if your favorite mod isn't listed encourage the team to add it!)


2021 Results are here: Players Choice | Editors Choice | Best Upcoming

Another year has reached its end, all 100,783 votes have been tallied and we can announce the 2021 Players Choice Mod of the Year. This year saw many compelling entries however in the end it was The Chronicles of Myrtana that took out 1st place, followed closely by Black Mesa: Blue Shift and Command And Conquer : Generals Evolution taking out 2nd and 3rd respectively. Click the links above to read on.

Nominations are open and there are over 10000 mods to vote for right now. The Year in Review is a great place to start picking your nominations

Only the best will make it through to the next round and we need your help finding them. Check out the years headlines, or what's hot right now for information about all the big 2021 releases.

We've counted your nominations and narrowed the field to the top 100!

Time for a further 10 days of intense voting to begin on the top 100 page. At the end of this we shall be crowning the 2021 Mod of the Year and the 2021 Editors Choice.

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