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A summary of dev diaries from last month working on our first game mAIn COMPetition

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Hi there!

Another month of working on our first game mAIn COMPetition went by. This is a good time to make a short summary of how the game stands and what is still left to be done.

TLDR: a lot has been done and quite a lot of work left.


But please read on for more details.

Firstly, a little introduction to the game:

mAIN COMPetition is a remastered and heavily improved version of a short Flash game called simply COMPetition that we've (Lunar Shuriken) made under 36 hours during a game jam (more about this particular game jam, a Slavic Game Jam 2018 here:

Like it's predecessor, mAIn COMPetition is an old-school point-and-click sci-fi cyberpunkish mystery adventure game. Put simply - a lot of fun, retro-style!

Your task is to find out what has happened in a futuristic building occupied by high-tech laboratories (and to save the world, of course!)

Screenshot from mAIn COMPetition

Graphically the game utilizes real-world photography, pixelated and altered in some other ways. A few simple animations will be added.

The game is fully controlled by a single (left) mouse button although the player can also use various keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation.

mAIn COMPetiton is a Flash game, which means you can play it on any browser supporting Flash or in a standalone Flash box. Android version is planned but will not appear before the official release of the Flash version of the game.

The game features sound effects and a spectacular music soundtrack by Liz Katrin (@LizKatrinMusic

Liz Katrin

We build this game on a Stencyl game engine mostly, using several free or custom-made extensions.

What has been done already:

- A game design document has been prepared and is constantly complemented.

- A full "level" map of the game is prepared (see a sneak peak of its early version below:


- The dialog system is constructed and currently undergoes the final stages of testing.


- The working prototype of the game is 80% completed and already heavily used for testing/experimenting purposes.

- All in-game text (in English) is written and almost completely implemented in the prototype.

- A few special effects already implemented but still, this is an early testing iteration.

What's left to be done:

- Finish working prototype.

- Test it thoroughly (2-4 weeks)

- Transform working prototype into an actual game build.

- Test it all again.

- Implement end version graphics, sounds, music, and effect.

- You guessed it - test the game again!

- Announce the release date.


There are also some other points to be added to the above but let's not speak of them right now. We aim to present you a surprise or two!

Stay tuned and please follow the game: mAIn COMPetition.

Guest - - 699,608 comments

Nice. Can't wait to pay the game, especially that I've played its prototype during the Slavic Game Jam and it was already fun!

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LunarShuriken Author
LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Thank you very much! Rest assured this new version is improved in all the aspects and provides even more fun :)

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LizKatrinMusic - - 92 comments

Thank you :) I look forward to play the game very much (also because it will feature my soundtrack).

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