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We are very active on the BM Leak-Free forums. Maybe you should drop by and check us out! Lots of development info there that we don't have time to gather and archive. Cool stuff!

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We've gotten some odd messages recently, concerning things such as "OMG NO UPDATES IN A FEW WEEKS, MOD IS DEAD DEAD DED". Thankfully there aren't many of those, but maybe we haven't been too clear.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do we regularly update images with a frequency of "whenever we feel like we have something even marginally presentable", we only post news updates when we feel like there is a nice collection of major stuff we could talk about.

We are very free and open with what we do. If anyone follows our thread on the Black Mesa Leak-Free forums, you could basically piece together almost everything we're doing, just by lurking our conversations. It's actually pretty neat! You should totally go check that out if you haven't already. There's lots of stuff including development info in there that we don't have time to gather and archive. It's pretty cool!

But for all those who don't feel like it, I may as well do some minor updating today. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an update post made recently on the forum thread by one of our very own mappers, Crypt:

Originally Posted by Crypt19 View Post

Now, onto the summarizing.

To keep from the possibility of the other members not being happy with what I say, I'll just summarize what we've discussed in this very thread (and the first one), using only images/info you can retrieve from the thread or ModDB page. Any lack of mention means nothing other than it hasn't been mentioned or discussed in the thread. "Detailing" can refer to props, textures and finalized lighting.

First off, no final choreo, writing or VA has been done, so I won't mention that beyond this point. We're leaving that to be done towards the end. Mostly because we'd rather have everything else ready first, but also because Hillard and Teunissen wish to wait until towards the end to record anything.

Box's intro tram is more or less complete, according to him. Some killer exploits make up most of the problems. Many easily fixable.

My Lobby is pretty much feature complete. As Jeff just mentioned, he might look at it for some more detailing and as will I, but it is definitely presentable.

Box's holo intro is awaiting an in depth detail pass.

My HEV Silo is awaiting an in depth detail pass from me.

My transition rooms are heavily detailed. I would consider them complete if not for the fact that I still wish to detail them into oblivion.

Dky's Basic movement training is functioning. Awaiting further detail passes.

Dky's Button/Lever training hasn't been detailed yet, but is orangemapped.

My physics rooms are playable. Awaiting a detail pass from me.

Jeff's Flashlight training is playable. He's even aded an obstacle course to the end of it.

Dky's firing range is feature complete. It's orange-mapped and is playable, but some entity work and detailing needs to be done.

Dky and Jeff are collabing on the Hazard indicator training. It is currently being detailed.

Dky's guard usage room needs to be detailed.

Jeff started on the tram usage training. Still needs planning.

Some ideas have floated around on the outro, most notably Jeff's. Nothing further has been done.

The recurrent hologram has been worked on. It's a bit Tannock-divides-by-zero-looking, but the model only requires a head and effects are being worked on.

Good words, Crypt! And as always, suggestions are very much encouraged. Feel free to drop by the thread and say something if you want to participate in the discussion. All are welcome! We've actually gotten some nice ideas from followers in the past few weeks, so no need to be afraid, Just try to keep things reasonable! We look at everything. Or you can even just hang around and lurk if you feel like it.

That's all for now! Thank you, and have a very safe, and productive, day!


Welcome in the world of modding:

if you don't post something every week, your project is considered dead.

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Not really.
People always need something to complain about, whether its for a game or waiting in the store.

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Nice read!

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