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I appeal to community involvement Moddb, I need the help of its members, and their generosity to its continued development of my free games, and especially to continue my studies.

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Hello to you all,

I wrote this publication for you to share some problems I encounter.

For several months, and for almost a year, I started sharing my creations on Moddb.

Having started to make my creations with the latest graphics engines, I can equip myselfaccordingly.

For 3000 , so I bought a diamond.

Intel Core I9 920
8 Gb GSkill G. Skill ram
GTX 470 + GTX 460
Watercooling etc. ...

It does me no problem at the time, but now I must change location for my studies.

If it had been in my area, I will not have any problems, unfortunately, I must go toboarding school.

The move is relatively high.

I intend to do computer studies, for those who would like to know where I want to go, you can look here

I write this message, hoping that members of this generous community involvement will help me financially, because without money to finance my studies, it will be clear that I will stop developing.

I would like to clarify one thing, I would not do as many have done before me, I would notpay for my creations.

I wish, even if I'm not there she still accesible to the greatest world, without paying anything in return.

Here is the link to make a donation, the amount of what you will pay is free.

Just know that each sum, even the leanest I can be used to advance :)

Here is the link to donate

Thank you in advance

Regards, Nicolas Simond


If I wasn't poor, you know what.

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Your... Creations?? You didn't even create anything! Show me the actual work you have done! You haven't done anything! Just made so called "game" liandri tournament which was built from everything included in UDK for free! Then you made so called "Hi-Res" pack where you just increased resolution of textures in the UDK, in UT3 maps! I think you are just a 15 year old liar which hasn't done anything, just made it for an "eye-camdy" and you need people to pay you for your "generous work?" Pfffftt.....

And if you people start giving me -1 now, just check the facts, and what I stated is true, he hasn't done anything in my opinion which is anything near to a game.

There are many people like you on this website, but they make really amazing things for free, and they don't go around asking donations. Good luck in your personal life, but if you were anything near to a really good developer, then you would make a really good team, and make really good commercial game to earn your money by yourself.

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Your damm right lukaluka94 you didnt even made anything that is entirely yours excample the engine is free the models and everything including the Menu and so is from UDK all you did is Code and Map that doesnt help its only even a Multiplayer game and you exspect us to Donate you? you have then money not even a normal person can offord that price to a damm Computer! so ya you didnt need that much you only needed a Intel i5 8mb/s 950 with 3GB Ram DDR5 and one of those Graphics Cards dont exspect people to donate you if you didnt help them excample even "Hackers" gets alot of donates why? Becasue they make Hacks/Cracks that people use and helps them even if its not legal.

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Can i Pay £0.00?

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I can donate ($1000.00)^(-1)

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What, so you haven't got a student loan in France or something like that?

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