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A month of much weapon modeling. Here's what got done: (See full post. This one's lengthy!)

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A month of much weapon modeling. Here's what got done:

- Added new code to how projectile weapons fire so they will tilt their projectiles inwards. The explanation behind this is a bit weird. Projectiles come from their according projectile offsets in Hatchet, for seamless transition from model animation to midair projectiles. This means, however, that they don't generate from the direct center of the screen, and accordingly, the player has to learn to use specific aiming offsets, plus arc calculation, to land hits with low tech weapons. This new tilting means that at about medium range for a weapon, the projectile will reach the crosshair's center, so aiming is more accurate without adjusting. However, at close ranges this ALSO means the offset is as it was, and at long ranges, calculating may be a necessary skill. Calculating for drop is still quite necessary. All in all, this is a considerable improvement for making low tech weapons easier to grasp to new players.

- Fixed some shurikens losing effectiveness vs armor.
- Fixed shuriken ring "jamming" and not shattering into fragments when broken.
- Fixed bleed very rarely knocking people out on the first tick of damage.
- Fixed ammo weight being listed as 0 in poorly lit crates.
- Fixed several descriptions and names for skills. Mostly inconsistent plurals.
- Stopped crosshair from rendering wings on objects concealed in darkness. The dark is truly terifying now!
- Fixed dropping partial stacks of items causing them to be removed from the belt, despite some of item being left in inventory.
- Modeled the Shuriken Ring Weapon in its entirety.
- Slight rebalancing.
- Working my way towards adding muzzle flash retroactively to the spec ops handgun, but I'm currently getting mysterious errors. Close to solving them, though, so stay tuned. I'll have an update once finished.

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