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Version 8.2f of Hard Doom has finally been released!

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Hard Doom v8.2f

v8.2f Change List


  1. Raised the spread of the Dual-Pistol Zombie to 9 from 8.42.
  2. Raised the spread of the Sonic Railgunner's secondary fire to (1.2,0.6) (same values as v7.1).
  3. Raised the melee threshold of the Cyberfiend to 52 from 48.
  4. Raised the radius of the Pyrodemon's fireshot to 8 from 7.
  5. Fixed the trail on the Necrodemon's projectiles.
  6. Adjusted the trail on the Arachnotron MK3's projectiles.


  1. Fixed the BFG9K hitting players at close range with sv_coopprojectiles enabled.
  2. Adjusted the BFG10K projectile trail.


  1. Players now bleed when at 25 health or less.
  2. Fixed a bug where keys didn't display on the old-school HUD.
  3. Renamed the keys to "Red Skull" for example. This looks better than "redskull" when shared keys is on.
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