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Version 8.1.1 of Hard Doom has finally been released!

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Hard Doom v8.1.1

v8.1.1 Change List


  1. Doubled the spawn rate of the Ancient Apparition (16% from 8%).
  2. Lowered the damage of the Ancient Apparition's ice breath from 4 to 3 per projectile and added +NoDamageThrust.
  3. Raised the damage of the Hell's Fury tracers from 5 to 6. This will increase the total tracer attack damage to 18-144 (from 15-120).
  4. Made the Shadowvile's wraith attack 5 tics shorter.
  5. Increased the Cyberfiend's run speed by 2.
  6. Added +NoBloodDecals to the Bruiser Demon.
  7. Fixed a sprite bug in software mode with the Rictus rear frames and its blood sprites.
  8. Added improved SuperShotgunner front frames.


  1. Added the Grenade Launcher back with tweaks and a lower drop rate (25% from 40%).


  1. 1. Made sv_coopprojectiles default to on.
  2. Fixed a bug where blood actors would not be removed properly.
  3. Tweaked blood actors, and reduced overall amount of gib pieces.
  4. Renamed keys to "KeyCard~" instead of "HDKeyCard" so it looks better with shared keys on.
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