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15 years! Opposing Force 2 is now 15 years old!

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Happy birthday Opposing Force 2!
Opposing Force 2 is now 15 years old!

November 21st: the day Opposing Force 2 was born. After getting a whole new team in 15 years, the Opposing Force 2 finally accomplishes it's birthday without dying as many of you expected from an Opposing Force sequel mod.

As many of you may know, the Opposing Force sequel mods usually die due to storyline, team issues or lack of progress itself. But we, luckily, don't have any of those problems.

So there it is! Leave a comment! And thanks again!

op2 bday

HLAG_Golden - - 19 comments

hold up............

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,496 comments

Wait a tic, is this page being taken over by the Urban Chaos team?

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ScoutimusPrime - - 15 comments


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Cvoxalury - - 1,287 comments

You could've at least formally acknowledged you're taking charge of the page and such, because not everyone is in the know.

Why didn't you ever make an article about that?

Instead it's almost 9 years since the last article by the old team... and this article copies the one from 2008?.. word for word?

This is not the best execution, for real.

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NiiRubra - - 468 comments

Wow you're right, it's an actual copy paste. Uhh, that's a weird decision.

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djpalle - - 284 comments

Not good copying old articles to let everyone know you took over the project...

But good luck, i hope you'll be able to finish it. :)

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wmf776759 - - 472 comments

Keep it up.

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SPY-maps - - 2,904 comments

Don't get this AT ALL!!!!
What is there to celebrate?
This mod released a stadium demo, and some wallpapers, that's ALL!
In the last 9 years NOTHING seems to have happened, and to now come with a
old copy and paste article.....????

What the hell?
Who does that?
Seriously, this is not modding!
First mod, and then celebrate. Talk we all can, do the work, and THEN talk!


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djpalle - - 284 comments

It is a weird way to say "we are back" if they are back...

Most of the team are Russian and maybe have some problems trying to write in English and properbly thought it was easier to just copy an old article?

Or just maybe a cheap way to say happy birthday.

My opinion is they should have started on developing the mod, then show us that instead.

Would've been more believable than this.

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Koishi_Komeiji_1984 - - 52 comments

Wait what the hell happened?

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dinnerblaster1 - - 678 comments

This only further confirms that the mod is dead lol

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LeoJFC - - 752 comments

I wish them luck.

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MR.SUPERIOR - - 358 comments

Urban Chaos Team If you truly want opposing force 2 to be good, you need to start everything from scratch
I mean op4 2 maps
There just bad
Either remake the maps or make something new !
If it's possible mod needs to be Black Mesa Level
Or Wait for the release Operation: Black Mesa(remake of Opposing Force) So the mod could be based on that !

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Alivebyte! - - 6 comments


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-Raptor- - - 38 comments

Looks like a joke. Good luck anyway!

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AncientT - - 425 comments

Nice trololol?

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uKiito - - 6 comments

im sure they're gonna make it this year guys

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RedRockRun - - 11 comments

Another dead OP4 mod *sigh*

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slambo312 - - 148 comments

mmhm, sure. Copy-pasting it, literally the previous article talking about those problems, stupid troll.

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