I'm just a user who loves the "mods" of video games like: Half-Life1,2, Portal, Fallout, among others.
An important fact you should know about me is: I am from Peru and I speak Spanish.
I use two translators to communicate with all of you.

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Everything begins at the beginning of the enormous underground and ultra-secret scientific complex installed in a disused military base in the New Mexico desert, called Black Mesa, in its beginnings it only served as a place to dismantle nuclear warheads and storage of nuclear waste of high toxicity, they also studied ways to take advantage of the nuclear waste that the American Government granted them, the scientists manage to build a prototype of experimental nuclear armament called:

- Tau Cannon: A powerful weapon that uses nuclear batteries.

The scientific staff were focused on an ambitious project, which consisted of teleportation, but their attempts to send something organic and make it reappear intact were in vain, they learn later that a research center called "Aperture Science" have succeeded in creating a prototype experimental gun that is capable of opening portals the size of an adult person on the walls. Black Mesa decides to send spies to Aperture Science to find out more information about the portals gun and get schematics of the device.
Several months have passed and Black Mesa manages to create its own version of the portals gun, to be coupled to a large machine using as the main fuel source "uranium waste".

The scientists begin with the beginning of the first teleport test as leader in command of the experiment Dr. Rosenberg, this time they have decided for this test to send a person, the volunteer subject is Dr. Ivan Dyson, the scientists explain to him that nothing will fail and that they reviewed in advance before the test that there are no failures.
Everything started well, the portal is ready, the subject enters and then disappears; seven minutes have passed without obtaining any answer from Dr. Ivan; the scientists are nervous, worried and praying that everything goes well, suddenly from the other teleporter they see the subject reappear completely intact, quickly all turn off the machines.

All scientists are going to help Ivan because the subject fainted; after the experiment, Ivan wakes up and tells the scientists what happened and what he saw after entering the portal, he tells that he arrived at a strange world surrounded by floating islands with an endless landscape, with a unique exotic fauna and a respirable atmosphere.Dr. Ivan and Rosenberg draw a conclusion, that the Teleportation Device is the gateway to a vast dimension of unpredictable power. Black Mesa scientists nicknamed the strange world "Xen".

The plot would be: you are the first of the subjects to use the first prototype model of the HEV Mark1 protective suit, likewise your research group will be using these prototypes of protective suit, the mission is to explore the frontier world "Xen" to extract samples for scientific research, Dr. Ivan Dyson successfully extracts a unique and pure crystal sample "Xen" nicknamed "GG-3883", the exploration team manages to send the sample through the portal to Black Mesa.Everything starts to go wrong, when Ivan and his group decide to go further into "Xen" and then be ambushed by the most dangerous species of "Xen" that are everywhere, your co-workers are falling like flies, even though they were equipped with heavy weapons, the bullets were not effective with all creatures, among all a great being with an impenetrable armour (gargantua) manages to crush easily and devour almost all the equipment.

Dr. Ivan manage to resist the worst attacks by trying to save the few who managed to stay alive but accidentally one of the creatures pushes him and makes him fall from a great height, Ivan is the only person to survive the massacre and the reason is thanks to his protective suit and an experimental first aid kit incorporated into the suit.Ivan tries to contact the scientists on the other side with the radio of his suit but nobody responds and apparently the scientists of "Black Mesa" listened by the radios of the suits; the heartbreaking cries of the other side and they took a desperate decision in closing the portal with the purpose that none of these bloodthirsty creatures tried to cross by the portal.The scientists on the part of the administrator and the government of the United States of America decide to give for dead Dr. Ivan and his squadron of exploration.

The administrator by orders of the government of the United States of America obliges "Black Mesa" to destroy all the documents that have to do with the subjects that participated in the exploration project "Xen", except the schemes of the suit Mark1.Since this will serve to build new versions of the Mark1 suit, "Black Mesa" intends to explore "Xen" in the future with the help of the Lambda team.Now our Dr. Ivan will have to learn to survive in this new hostile environment and save the little ammunition for his machine gun and try to find a way out. As his first objective is to look for food, the subject having no idea that things of "Xen" will be edible, he decides to investigate and in the distance sees one of those wild creatures (Bullsquid) hunting a kind of small being with the semblance of a crab (Headcrab).Ivan draws a very risky conclusion and decides to look for some of these small creatures, to try to capture them. Ivan encounters a large number inside a cave, but there is a big surprise that they are not alone and apparently have a kind of giant creature that seems to be the mother (Big Momma - Gonarch).

Ivan manages to escape from the cave but not in vain, managed to catch one of those crabs successfully, after having escaped the danger; the crab tried to swallow the head of our protagonist, Ivan decides to use his knife to end once and for all with the life of the crab, Ivan decides to look for a hiding place to spend time, finds a cave on the ledge of a rocky wall and decides that it is the perfect place to eat, when giving the first bite realizes that the crab has a taste of a raw chicken bitter, no matter the taste, manages to satisfy his hunger and then take a nap.

The next day Ivan wakes up and decides to explore the border world to find some way back home, while prowling around the environment he encounters a group of "bullsquid", our character decides to observe tucked away and try to study their behavior, among the bullsquid some had a white skin color unlike others, apparently the others fight for white, Ivan deduces that is the female and the others are male.Unlike females, males have bright colors on their skin to attract females to mate. Females are characterized by being larger than males and being very aggressive in protecting their offspring from any danger even if they are other males of the same species.

As Ivan explored the caverns of the huge floating island, he found a strange structure, which contained a kind of portal similar to how he came to Xen. Ivan enters the portal and then reappears in a strange factory.

In this factory is guarded by floating beings with large heads and the others have a humanoid appearance, they have using shackles in their bodies (vortigauns) that are manipulating strange panels, suddenly a strange event occurs, others of the same species (Vortigauns), are revealed and release native species of Xen from their containment cages, everything ends in a battle with blood and visors, Ivan takes that opportunity to enter the facilities and comes across a warehouse containing a species of strange beings, Ivan steals one to try to know its true functioning and realizes that it is a kind of weapon that shoots a species of wasp infinitely.

- I'll tell you the end:

It ends when Dr. Ivan Dyson hidden in his cave, suddenly the ground begins to shake, Ivan watches in the distance as the creatures of "Xen" behave in a strange way, then random portals appear, sending all the creatures of "Xen" to a special place and suddenly to his forehead of Ivan also appears a portal, at that time had a feeling, his mind told him it's time to return home, not knowing that the "Gman" had whispered in his ear, without hesitation enters the portal.

In this final part the strange event is caused by Gordon Freeman inserting the Xen crystal sample into the "Anti-matter Spectrometer", provoking the resonance cascade that came to extend throughout the planet Earth and connect Xen in process.


After having been inside the portal (in the game would start playing this soundtrack along with the credits)


(after the credits end, the game continues) Ivan manages to see a light and deduces that it is the end of the journey of the portal, suddenly a strong flash leaves our protagonist stunned. Then falls to the ground and has the feeling of being at home, Ivan proceeds to remove the helmet to see more clearly the panorama and then drops to the ground. Ivan doesn't know how to describe what he sees and falls to his knees to the ground to shed a few tears of courage, because his world has been invaded by a strange alien empire (Combine) and a seven-hour war is about to commence.


- By the end of the Seven Hour War:
Ivan manages to close the portal through which the Combine empire entered, destroying one of the crystals of energy within the fortress created by the troops of synthetic robots of the Combine, destroying the source of energy that kept the large portal open, the nucleus of the huge device that fed the portal was ready to cause a big explosion, our protagonist was preparing to leave the place quickly with his motorcycle, but the exit had collapsed, blocking the only exit.
Ivan had no alternative but to close his eyes and accept death, at that time the explosion produced a strong light leaving the protagonist temporarily blind.At that moment "Gman" saves Ivan by taking him to a huge and strange room.

As Ivan slowly recovered his sight, he manages to hear someone clapping, when he finally recovers his sight he realizes that he is inside a white room that seems to have no end, when he lifts his eyes, he observes a man sitting on a chair, clad in an elegant blue suit (Gman), applauding him slowly and more a few words that said in a sarcastic way: "Wonderful, fantastic, I never thought of seeing a great feat in such a short time".Ivan has no idea what is happening, the man in the briefcase says this to our protagonist: "I have seen your great effort and do not believe that it was not in vain, at first we did not believe that you ... was special, but has shown us that we were wrong, in that case, well, we will give you the opportunity to choose".(At that moment a door opens to the right next to Ivan)
"Gman" tells him the following: "If you decide to help us, you can return to your world, I'm sure you want to know if your effort has not been in vain.""If that's not the case, we'll leave him alone and we won't bother him anymore."
(At that moment another door opens to the left next to Ivan, "that door will be for the character to die in the enormous and dark void of space").The "Gman" says the following:
"Well, just go to the right and you'll find out everything." "It's time to choose, it's time to make a decision."Ivan decides to enter through the right door.The "Gman" says the following:
"I knew decision Mr. Dyson, I'll see you later"After entering through the right door, the door closes, the protagonist only sees darkness but at that precise moment, a force sends Ivan down at great speed, our character manages to see a flash of light, then be expelled from the hole of an old abandoned water well.

Ivan gets up and realizes that everything around him has changed, then he hears in the distance a strange and loud sound coming from a direction, Ivan decides to investigate, a few meters achieves observe a huge vortex in the sky and the whole city destroyed.Our protagonist wonders: What's happened?
Did we win?This is how Dr. Ivan manages to get to the events of episode two of Half-Life 2.


It would be perfect to listen to this soundtrack for this ending plus the credits.




Curious facts about Xen and Dr. Ivan

- About day and night in Xen, seem to last the day forever.

Being in a dark cave one can sleep peacefully and would only be awakened by the vital function of the brain of the human body which is in charge of controlling sleep.

- Being in Xen for so long, he grew a long beard and a long moustache like a shipwrecked man.

- Where does Ivan do his physiological needs like defecating? Good question, you'll see to be in one of those floating islands which are floating in the middle of a void that has no end, you have to remove the suit because this is not a diaper and the rest needs no further explanation.


Another important fact about Ivan:
During many years that Ivan was in Xen, he learned a lot about this fauna and especially how to avoid the dangers.
During one of his trips through portals, he managed to come across a new area which is riddled with buildings by humans, Ivan decides to approach, but when he arrives at the place he realizes that all the scientific staff were killed by some creature or ambush of the native fauna of Xen.
While inspecting the camp he realizes that many scientists wore a kind of suit that highlighted a strange symbol (Lambda) that Ivan doesn't know, while checking the laboratories of the camp; he noticed that several containers were full of Xen crystals and that they were being studied during years since there were also documents with information that confirmed about a new project that "Black Mesa" with the help of the Lambda team were carrying out a new exploration to Xen, they also confirmed about the new versions of the suit Mark1; for example: Mark2, Mark3 and Mark4.Ivan manages to find in these laboratories weapons and supplies, also a device that allows to recharge the suits with good results, but what caught his attention was the device "long jump module" exclusive to jump great distances, Ivan did not hesitate to make modifications in his suit with the tools of the laboratory to be able to install that device.
He also found a device that allowed him to store both weapons and supplies at the molecular level and he did not hesitate to take it with him to install it in his suit.



But the tragic thing happened when Ivan finds information about the first exploration of Xen, confirming that all those who were part of the exploration died in Xen and no rescue was made.This hurt Ivan in the soul and proceeded to leave the place.

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Cool! I've been working on a sort of fan-fic/mod idea about Ivan the space biker for awhile now :)

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I have ideas and a story from start to finish for Ivan the space biker. If you want I can share my idea with you on "Dircord".

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What's your Discord? Here's the sever for my indie game: Discord.gg

* uhh -- guess I logged in to another account -- this is nate_spence, lol.

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