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Revisiting and updating Half-Life: Induction after many years.

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Hi everyone, this is Hazard Team. In February 2022 we released Field Intensity. Since then we made several patches for our mod. Working on the same project for such a long time was exhausting for sure. So we decided to have a rest and focus on something less… intense.

Download Induction 1.3

Half-Life: Induction was a small pre-disaster mod we made many years ago. Now it’s time to revisit our first creation using the experience and vision we got during the Field Intensity development.

We are glad to present you Half-Life: Induction version 1.3! In this update you’ll find:

  • English voice acting. The main flaw of the old version was lacking English voice acting for custom voice lines. Induction now is fully in English thanks to Ronald Hamrák and Henry Schultz.
  • Achievements! Not Steam achievements, but still. Have fun unlocking them!
  • A lot of new scripted scenes, dialogs and easter eggs. And don’t forget to make some phone calls!
  • Added Linux support.

induction new 1

induction new 2

induction new 3

induction new 4

PsyWarVeteran - - 1,812 comments

Haha, no way!

Time for a blast from the past, with new content no less, thank you for the update.

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tear-vyps - - 74 comments

Amazing! Pre-disaster mods is a very underappreciated segment and we need more of the good stuff

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23-down - - 3,543 comments

I couldn't agree more while I knew that you were working on it I didn't expect it to arrive this fast. I thought you would redo it from scratch or so.

That's amazing. I'm downloading it now. I did enjoy the original version despite the funny English. None the less was it epic even back then. The fact that you did think about the international community was equally epic considering that there were many great Russian mods released that existed only and solely in Russian Language. That alone deserves a golden medal. I did play them but of course understood little to nothing. Dark Colony was such a mod if memory serves.

I'm sure I will enjoy the enhanced version immensely. Expect a review shortly. :D

Thanks to your hard work @"Hazard Team". You guys are amazing.

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DarkShift - - 184 comments

Oh seriously the most real HL prequel ever made got an update.

EDIT : It's done with all 100% secrets. Was pretty cool, it gets better with each new update. I particularly liked the red thread of Marc on the phone... and of course the various easter eggs and cameos. You even made the crystal samples sequences more entertaining than before.

All in all, Hl "Zero" gets better and better.

As usual, this is a blind playthrough, feel free to see what goes well or not, but overall this is neat, no real problems encountered.

It's short (1 hour on a first run, last time I've played Induction was ...years ago, and I never thought it was still worked on) so people are welcomed to enjoy themselves the experiment. I don't think I've missed anything.

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Qwertyus - - 2,492 comments

It's great to see a rework of good old mod. This rarely happens, though some mods definitely could be updated to fix their gameplay problems and add more fun stuff. Thanks for making yours even better!

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Barney/ - - 17 comments

Ебать пацаны, Огромное спасибо за возращение к этому моду.

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Dovah27 - - 15 comments

WOW! This is one of my favorites mods of all time!! idk how many times i played it over the years. I cant believe that it got an update after so many time!! countless hours of fun are going to start again!!! Thanks you so much!!!

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Dmitriy-Bars - - 244 comments

Выглядит круто! Вот только будет ли с новой версией работать старая русская озвучка из v1.1-1.2?

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FreeSlave Author
FreeSlave - - 275 comments

Нет, старая озвучка не подойдёт, т.к. некоторые фразы были переписаны/добавлены.

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Sp1eLmaNn - - 3 comments

One of the best olden getting finally more golden, lets check in and get the vibes
( ͡° ͜ °)

Thx 4 sharing !

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Mr.Stukov - - 46 comments

Спасибо за мод, речь Гейбена о состоянии игровой индустрии очень важна для нас!

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wmf776759 - - 471 comments

What the hell? I'm gonna play this mod right now!

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