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A dev diary on an upcoming brand new mod for HL, which was reworked once and I hope It was the only time I had to do this.

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What's HL: Evacuation Point? Well, it's a Half-Life mod powered by Xash3D. Honestly, the mod should've been done and published already, but then I played HL: Echoes and realised that my mod was garbage so it must be redone. So, what's this mod about?

You are Gus Gamelton, a member of Black Mesa Elevator Maintenance Team. You live in Sector H dormitories with other personnel. After the Resonance Cascade happened, your only goal is to escape the facility. Fortunately, there's a Helipad in your sight but you need to reach it first...

As I said, the mod is in Remaking state. I provide you several screenshots of the last chapter (that isn't done for now too). A plenty of work is done, but I still need to do more. I think we will be released in June...

The main reason why I made this article is because I often gave up my past projects as I had no any emotional support.

Also, I don't think that information on updates will pop-up frequently. Not because I'm about to abandon the mod but because It's just takes a while for me to write text in this Unhloy Mordor Speech called English.

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I like your work ! good luck !

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Ваша раар гэто шэдевр жду анонса я твой фанат!!!

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Looks pretty good as is, no need to compete with mods such as Echoes, I am sure it will turn out great.

When are you going to create a page for the mod?

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blsha Author

> no need to compete with mods such as Echoes
Yes, you are right. Echoes just showed me that it's possible to do something really Good even on GoldSrc, even not talking about Xash.
>When are you going to create a page for mod?
Soon I think.
Thanks for showing interest! It's important for me!

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