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Goal: Help me make a good thesis. Compare and/or contrast classic Doom with modern Doom.

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Hello DB, and apologies if this is an inappropriate post. I'm very new to all of this.

Mind helping me develop a thesis?

I had a thought a little while back to about the histories of the Doom series (Classic: Doom1, Doom2. And modern: 2016 and Eternal) and it got me thinking. These games would seem to line up surprisingly well. Initially what caught my eye was the difficulty curve. 2016 and Eternal is perhaps an extreme case but, realistically speaking, Doom 1&2 are kinda in the same boat in regard to ramp up. And map design too, Doom 2 seems to get flak like Eternal does for what some players perceive as lazy or cheap. I too. But feel like balancing my past repulsion with a new found appreciation.

I however am not sure where to start. But a solid thesis sounds as good as any. I am currently trying to discover if there is an exact question I'm trying to answer.

  • Are the classic and modern Doom games really all that different?
  • The pace and aggression of the game has increased but the overall tone and action feel remain the same.

  • What are the major changes between the classic games and how do they compare to the changes of the modern games?
  • The major changes are monsters, weapons, and map design.

I'm using this to further my interests in Doom and computers, and I hope to be able to use what I learn here on future projects. I have a few ideas but no skill. All I have now is a little knowledge and I'm hoping people out there will be supportive. There might be a Doom inspired game of my own in it for ya. But if you have any ideas for my analysis, I'd love any back and forths in the comments. I'll be working hard to learn about game design but it's kinda hard to write about it if I'm unsure about the focus.

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