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Elite's Conflict Mod v1.3.1 will be released this weekend! HEROIC Studios is excited about releasing this patch that features several balance and bug fixes, stability improvement, and a few new surprises! We look forward to playing with you.

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  • Elite's Conflict Mod - Overview
    • ECM currently focuses on the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. ECM features new galactic campaigns, units, models, textures, compositions, effects, particles, and so much more!
    • Our mission is to create a memorable and fun experience for anyone who enjoys strategy games or simply loves Star Wars, just like us. Our team's love and care for this game have only grown, and we want to share this fantastic adventure with you.
    • We look forward to seeing you on the front lines. Check us out on Steam, Discord, or follow our Mod DB page:
  • Elite's Conflict Mod: v1.3.1 Upcoming Release
    • Since the release of ECM v1.3.0 about ten months ago, we have tried our best to listen to your feedback and adjust the mod to be more fun, easily accessible, and balanced. This update is a huge step in the right direction on all three of those fronts; some of the changes are detailed below:
      • Readded multiplayer Galactic Conquest maps (Home World Conflict and Humble Beginnings)
      • Fixed trade routes and related bugs on every Galactic Conquest map
      • Tweaked unit icons for both factions
      • Implemented performance optimizations for projectiles
      • Rebalanced Imperial star destroyers
      • Skirmish space units added
      • Population value changes (now 150 up from 100 for both factions, allowing for more action)
      • Rebalanced space station reinforcements to be more realistic and balanced
      • A massive amount of backend work to improve game stability, clean up bugs, and reduce the probability of errors
      • And as always, more!
  • Elite's Conflict Mod - The Road Ahead
    • After this release, HEROIC Studios will continue working on ECM v1.3.2 for more revisions and new content. However, our sights are still set on the development of ECM v1.4.0. Your help with suggestions, feedback, and gameplay discussions are critical to our success. Please join our server to become a part of our community and help with further releases from your input.
  • Development Team Applications
    • We are also looking to bring more people onto our development team if you'd like to do more. Please message {HEROIC}CNKommander or me on any of our platforms!
  • Screenshots
    • Venator-class Star Destroyer
    • Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
    • Acclamator II-class Assault Ship
    • Galactic Conquest map v1.3.1

Venator-class Star Destroyer

Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser

Acclamator-II class Assault Ship v1.3.1

Galactic Conquest Map v1.3.1

  • Like What You See...? Elite's Conflict Mod

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