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We're here to update you all on DoomsDay's progress over the past two weeks!

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DoomsDay Dev Update 1


Hi all! I'm Justin Harris, creative and design lead on DoomsDay, and I'm excited to start sharing our development journey with you. The plan is to release these little updates (sometimes called dev diaries, journals, or logs) every week, but that depends on the progress we make. We don't want to waste your time with posts when we have little to share! Anyway, with this being our first update, we'll cover the past two weeks today. Please keep in mind, that this is all still very much work in progress.

Showing the Goods

Much of the recent art work has centered around a construction office and its accompanying warehouse. Until the last couple of weeks, this area was still a block-out (meaning, no actual meshes/materials/textures - just a grey placeholder).

Construction POI

As you can see, the area is coming together nicely! Don't mind the dirt on the ground. Before long there will be an access road and parking lot here. We'll fill the foliage in as needed.

The work hasn't only taken place on the exterior of the buildings. The interiors are looking mighty fine too. Below is the lobby area of the construction office. I personally love the painting on the wall. And yes, that is from an area in the game.

Construction Office Lobby

The construction office/warehouse has led to the creation of a lot of new modular assets that we can utilize where needed across the project. Some great examples of this are the three new door models which offer us great flexibility. Two are shown below.

Construction Office Lobby Door
Door seen from the lobby of the construction office.

Construction Warehouse Ext Door
Rear exterior of the construction warehouse.

The interior of the warehouse has also gotten some artistic love recently. Our environment artist put a lot of work into getting this grated floor to look as great as it does. Of course, with this being on the second floor, I advise you not to wear a kilt up there...

Construction Warehouse Grated Floor

But the art isn't the only area in which progress has been made. We have numerous meshes in the game that can be searched by the player and we wanted to clearly identify these objects. There are several popular methods of doing this, but we decided to use a pulsing mesh outline that only appears if the player is relatively close to the object. This allows us to help the player while also not holding the player's hand.

Construction Office Searchable Objects
The mesh outline is shown on two searchable objects.

We also made progress on a new AI class. This guy is a militia member who patrols points of interest and will most definitely shoot trespassers on sight. By the way, you're the trespasser, so do be careful out there.

Construction Mil AI
Two white cross icons indicate locations to which the AI will move. The yellow box indicates the navigation mesh which tells the AI it's allowed to move within its bounds. Also, totally disregard the ugly, grey staircase back there! It's just a placeholder.

Did you read all of this?! Woah, you're my hero!

Hey, let's meet back here next Monday for another update. And if you haven't already, wishlist DoomsDay on Steam!



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