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A few words explaining were we are standing today. Our objective is to turn this series into an ongoing one.

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Greetings ECHOs.

Hello all, Nacho here. I have devised this new method of communication with you. I will try to set up community updates. So, from time to time we will be able to tell you where we are at.

As some of you may know, we went to GDC and Game Connection of March to secure publishers. We sent out our demos and stuff by mid-April, and we are still waiting for some of them to respond. Up to now we had four publishers declining to work with us, mainly because they work with other type of games, (like anime RPGs). So here we are still hoping to secure a deal; but if the worst comes to pass, we will do something else to abate that. So fret not, we will publish.

Our programers rig

On the production side of things, first we go to the programming department. Here, we have been transferring most of our couch co-op tech to the networking side; this will enable us to have the couch co-op and the online multiplayer experience available. Regarding new features, we are working on new weapons besides the ones we have, and more abilities to make it even better and more varied for players.

Looking good on network!

Our 3D department is working on cooking out new maps, and creating a new setting, which could spice things ups and how the game is experienced. Since the game takes place within a spaceship, room variety is sparse at best, but to work on that we are doing various coherent settings. So far, we have created the following:

  • Industrial zone: heavy machinery, and conveyor belts dot this area. Pipes, generators, machines and stockpiles. The industrial zone usually carries low light and blue and black colors

An example of the dark blues and blacks from the Industrial zone.

  • Hight tech: The high tech is a zone designed with the idea of transporting the player to laboratories and hospitals. Whites and greens permeate this section, and the core items one will see are computers and other devices which provide that sense of technology. A subsection within the high-tech settings are the Hydroponics, which provides us with a set of tools and assets to avoid that sense of repetition a spaceship can give.
  • Living Quarters: The living quarters are marked with a more light-hearted color set. Oranges and white fill this setting providing a warmth that the industrial zone lacks. This helps us separate the Trident into various settings which provide variety.

A hydroponics WIP

Another Hydroponics WIP

Finally, on the 3d department we are also creating various extra assets to provide a sense of variety within the various maps.

Passing on to UI and UX, we have various changes. Initially, on the UI department a plethora of GUI fixes had made our menus a lot more friendly and coherent with the users. Moreover, we have finalized the main menus required for the game.

On the UX part of the deal, the newly created maps are being revised, fixed with assets (if they are required) and the mission generation begins tweaking stuff to create the various objectives within each map. Enemy spawners are set in place, lightning events, and so forth.

The last section, the Illustration and concept department, is cooking something which will help us out in telling the story of the game. Our studio being as small as it is, had to cut corners in the game to be able to ship. Being self-funded (up to the moment) this meant we had to choose which things to add and which to leave behind. Thankfully our illustrator came up with an idea of creating a set of comics to provide the game with the setting of the story, and so we began working on it. We expect to have the first issue of the comic in the upcoming days, so stay tuned to our discord channel if you’d like to read it!.


A small snipet of the comic.

I hope you understand that being a game dev is a difficult process, and we feel that keeping this dev-log open will keep you guys on your toes knowing when and where we are.

Regards, and thank you!

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