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When will MISERY 2.1.2 be out?
MDT: Never

Why not?
MDT: Because this

Thanks for all the support and encouragement!
Misery Development Ltd.

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The Seed (standalone project)


Olku_ - - 2,077 comments

Don't ******* scare us :)

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kijebe - - 1,268 comments

read it and damn near had a heart attack

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Guest - - 695,472 comments

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RRCM_Rico - - 368 comments

I am still hoping one of the "surprises" is the green zone look mentioned months back :-)

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SAVIQR - - 8 comments

I'm happy that I'm not the only one waiting for it , wrote a few comments asking about that Green zone addon , but heard nothing new. ;)

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Amoch - - 1,541 comments

Yes. I've now played some of those dead, desaturated visuals type mods, and after a while they get rather boring and monotonous, even if the texture etc. work in itself is very good. Especially if Misery was merged with Call of Chernobyl sometime in the future, it would be a huge mistake to remove all the visual variation, and go for that dead look everywhere with black, brown, grey desaturated textures.

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Amakker - - 2 comments

Looking forward to it. Best of luck! :)

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7ty7 - - 786 comments

thanks for the update, but the delivery was a little jolting : D

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Hegel - - 350 comments

You Bar-Stools!!!

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ragafragamagawaga - - 31 comments

Jesus... guys, please don't do that. Gave me a heart attack. XD

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Pvt-Hodgson - - 76 comments

cant wait to play it this is going to be so awesome

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Lautrec - - 35 comments

Nice, something good to look forward to, keep up the great work :)

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Drcerealyoutube - - 34 comments

You guys scared the **** out of me, and Nicolai did you get the idea of the Camouflaged SVD from that Email that I sent to you on 8/9/14? I would be honored if that is how you guys got the idea.

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NebulaM78 - - 87 comments

Thanks for making me **** myself guys. Not like I really liked these pants anyways.

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Pennypacker - - 262 comments


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Beez-one - - 501 comments


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DaimeneX - - 855 comments

I wanted to kill someone at this moment.
So I went to game and destroyed half the population of bandits in zaton. But they will be back.

They always are :P

And Dont Scare Us Like That.

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dave_5430 - - 2,114 comments

Still not going to be as good as TAZ =3

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SavageNord - - 27 comments

How so?Whats so great about the armored zone compared to misery?I never tried it yet just fyi,just curious as to your perspective?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheLeadHead - - 364 comments

Giving heart attacks is not a recommended marketing method... On the other hand, it worked. :P

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Zarryc - - 179 comments

This was not funny at all MDT. I though you got leaked or you just went full in the Seed. Nice update tho. Really love these:

• NEW: Camouflaged weapons and helmets give stealth bonus (in addition to suits)
• NEW: Weather no longer switches rapidly after loading of savegame (thx to kcs)
• Increased spawn rate of human squads by 33%
• Increased ammo power for handguns
- weapons are now 2x more prone to jamming
• Both factions have a slight chance to spawn a hostile squad even if they are overall neutral and neutral squad even if they are overall hostile

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SavageNord - - 27 comments

Sick **** guys,can't wait for the new update,you guys do an amzing job!

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SavageNord - - 27 comments

I think a cool addition if you guys could would be the option to tear textile sheets and stuff into bandages and wraps/ghillie alternatives for your gun as one could attempt in a real mlife scenario,but thats just me.=p

Another cool thing would be a reloading mechanic for all types of ammo but I think that would be quite a job to undertake in adding to the mod...

Other cool ideas/additions you guys could implement say for a future update if possible I think,would be to ask the author of the Gunslinger mod if you guys could collaborate,he does amazing animations for all the weapons and also medikits/stimpaks and so forth for the game...I think misery could do with some neat animations of his grade of work =D

Addition of Random trash stashes to the game,where you can find things like metal scrap etc: in addition to a crafting menu of some form being able to make Homebrew scopes/sights maybe even armour components or plating.

I really must say the work you guys have put into this mod is simply awesome and its just the kind of mod hardcore survival fps enthusiast's love...keep doing what you doing guys =D

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STREL0Kz - - 8 comments

Awesome mod, and its awesome you guys continue to work on it. THANK YOU :D

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Abandoned_Account342 - - 227 comments

BLOODY HELL! Don't freaking scare me like that! Glad to hear and see more from you guys, you never disappoint.

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Moccia - - 18 comments

I don't know what I'm more excited for, the next update or Fallout 4

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[Black_Viron] - - 128 comments

Please spawn helicopters in the zone :)

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CryerEngine - - 2 comments

will i be able to use The armed zone with misery 2.2? who knows answer please!

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