Been playing video games since I was 5 years old on the ps1,ps2,xbox360 and now after years of living the peasant life,I ascended to be a honorary member of the PC master race haha

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Hey people,I have just recently aqquired a new graphics card and I came across some tweaks and things that may help the less fortunate,some of which certainly helped me.

Believe it or not,but you can achieve steady performance and somewhat decent viusals aswell as an okay Alife_switch least with a card like the one I had before which was an Nvidia Geforce deicated 512mb DDR3 card(which is considerably old,yet runs most of the stalker games(COP and SOC)at 60 fps on high without all the extra goodies like sun shafts etc: but play around a bit)

:Here is my system I have now [-the new graphics card I just aqquired]

I7 Qaud core(with hyperthreading-8 threads) 870 2.93GHZ

500Gb 7200rpm seagate hard drive(consider getting an ssd as hard drives tend to slow up over time and
loses its optimum write speed as the storage gets bogged up,defrag as often as you can

8Gb Ram(DDR3),would probably want to invest in some 16gb ram sticks if you can get,or some gaming RAM like the ones from Corsair which cost I think about 25$(in my currency that translates to 250 ZAR,Im from South Africa = ) in the states

Intel desktop motherboard(still learning as I'm new to PC gaming,so I dont knoiw how to find what model or series it is =p)

So to play Misery,you definitely don't need an I7(Pc was pre-bought)in fact stalker only uses 1/2 cores to my knowledge.
A small thing you can do and I dont know if this does trick the system into sharing the workload on multicore systems but going through task manager,find the process Xray.engine,Click on the button at the bottom which says "show processes from all users" and right click on Xray.engine.
Now click on set affinity(you could also click on set priority but do so with caution)and deselect all your cores except core zeroe and click ok,then do the same thing again enabling all your processors to the previous setup(I don't know if hyperthreading draws/divides power from a qaud setup but try disablking it,it may help)enabling all cores/threads to your liking,go to performance and you should see spikes/drops on all cores/threads,in otherwords all cores/threads are being implemented.

Apart from lowering your graphical fidelity(and at the very least for 512mb cards,disable detailed textures) and maybe using an fps limiter eg:Fraps/Dxtory
One can try the following tweak,go to configs(Program files/steam/steamapps/Stalker COP/Gamedata/configs)and then doubleclick and/edit Atmosphere parameters,head to all the weather variables you wish to disable and replace true with false respectively,disabling fog should help a ton by itself,for me rain was not really a problem.

There is another tweak one can research and try if none of this sufices for stuttering and CTD'S(Crash to desktop)and its by adding the command No-prefetch to the target/command line of COP.exe shortcut,though I am not the one to ask on this matter as I am not sure even how to implement the tweak so unfortunately your on your own on that

The very last few tweaks I can think of off the top of my head that may just help some enjoy the'yre misey a little better/longer/ are downloads to these files,which helped temendously for me,here are the links to the authors download links.
Stivaais rescaled texture pack and other tweaks:[]

*Will be edited and updated as I find the links again*

Aswell as just but a few helpfull pages for more reference and guidance on tweaks you can make,credit as due.
:Yastis tweak compendium[]

I hope I could help at least some of you,and for who'mever else who can't rectify the'yre current issues,try reinstalling both stalker COP V.1006 I believe is the latest,aswell as Misery 2.1.

Otherise find you bug report,and post it on the bug forums here:

Either way,good luck to you all in your miserable endeavours to become even more miserable haha
Happy hunting and'g XD

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