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|Tyler| - - 192 comments

Hah! Lucky me. Saved your AddOn Compilation before it was taken off the servers. Might give it a try, when I get bored of my current installation and AddOn setup or just want to play without Warfare or Living Zone.

Too bad someone seemed not happy about it.'s kinda understandable. Shouldn't get it personal. :>

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Amoch Creator
Amoch - - 1,541 comments

Hi there! :) I took it down myself, no complaints from other mod makers. I'm getting frequent crashes in Cordon which I can't figure out. I don't get it, because all the mods I use should be pretty stable and well-tested. Hmmm...

I must admit I also got a bit tired of people (probably die hard STALKERs) giving it bad scores and poo-pooing it. It obviously wasn't created for modders and CoC experts, but giving more casual gamers the best possible vanilla+ version of CoC without doing the research themselvces. I don't think I'll upload it again either way to be honest. Whatever. :) Enjoy the addon compilation, but if you get crashes in Cordon - I can't help you unfortunately.

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Hippobot - - 98 comments

I actually downloaded your addon as well but heavily modified it with at least 10 more addons and custom tweaks. I might upload it some time but I'll give you credit for the basis of the pack. No crashes in Cordon so far. Everything seems to be stable.

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Amoch Creator
Amoch - - 1,541 comments

Hi there! Maybe it's the occasional enigmatic X-ray error. :) I'm going to do a full reinstall of everything, and try again. Maybe it's a rare bug caused by a certain set of actions, I dunno. I removed several of the mods, and the issue persisted.

Anyways, enjoy the addon - if you want to upload it again with your own stuff added, that's ok by me.

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jonathasfire - - 43 comments

My add My friend

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