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Note: There has been noted advances on the mod both conceptually and gameplaywise. I will showcase some of the new things the new version will shortly bring:

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[Campaign for all]

- Enabled "unanchored" thermo plasma generators
- Two Unanchored thermo plasma generators may be placed per territory instead of the normal generators

-Reworked Nemesis "Mortal Enemy" lists:

Space Marines Chaos Marines Land Raider Necrons Extra aphotecary&librarian;
Chaos Marines Space Marines Bloodthirster Sisters of Battle Daemon Prince
Craftworld Eldar Necrons Avatar of Khaine Dark Eldar Fire Prism (x2)
Orks Imperial Guard Squiggoth Space Marines Looted Tanks (x2)
Imperial Guard Tau Empire Baneblade Orks Leman Russ Tank (x2)
Tau Empire Orks Krootox Imperial Guard Railgun (x2)
Necrons Craftworld Eldar Essence of the Nightbringer Tau Empire Essence of the Deceiver
Sisters of Battle Dark Eldar Living Saint Chaos Marines Rhino Tank (x2)
Dark Eldar Sisters of Battle Dais of Destruction Craftworld Eldar Warp Beast Pack (x2)

In addition factions will get rewards for other fortresses in the form of strong units, besides the bonus.

- Now all factions get a secondary hero unit always available as a purchasable honor guard from a territory near their fortress.
- Some of these units will come with some upgrades and abilities to make them nearly as useful as the commander at the start of each game
- You still have to conquer the territory because of the way Honor Guard units are granted (Relic's code)
Space Marines: Grey Knights
Chaos Marines: Chaos Sorcerer
Craftworld Eldar: Seer Council
Orks: Big Mek (Rocklaw Foothills)
Imperial Guard: Assassin
Tau Empire: Ethereal
Necrons: Necropolis Pariah Guard
Sisters of Battle: Confessor
Dark Eldar: Haemunculus

**************Chaos Marines:**************


- Chaos Minefield no longer buildable
- Chaos Shrine now buildable
- Chaos Shrine limit 1
- Chaos Shrine gives capability of summoning Bloodthrister
TD- Chaos Shrine will be able to release a powerful area attack from its location

- Bloodthirster build no longer requires armor upgrade

- Slaves will now slowly heal when not in combat
(this allows you to use forced labor periodically instead of just a limited fixed amount. Also heals faster when in chaos taint after desecrated fortress upgrade)
- Slave health reduced (240 from 280)
- Slave squads cost 80
- Now you can have up to 9 slaves

- Possessed Squad no longer limited to 1
- Now costs 4 infantry cap (from 3) and takes longer to build (42s from 30s)
- Uses morale
- When loses morale, will enter a killing frenzy

- Defiler cannons more accurate when moving
- Defiler slightly more expensive
- +100 health
- Defiler has morale
- When loses morale, will enter a killing frenzy
- Defiler has health regeneration in combat
- Defiler loses health while not in combat
- Strings updated
(test)- Defiler has Speed Fiend, vehicle version

td- Chaos aircraft will be made a Skimmer unit with jumping capabilities
td- Significantly cheaper, also less pop (2 from 3)
td- Biotoxin rocket moved (to what? Maybe transport)
td- Chaos Aircraft has Speed Fiend, vehicle version

?- Added Speedarmor Demon Research ("Speed Fiend, Vehicle Version")


- Added Honor Guard Version of Defiler
- Comes as if upgraded with armor
- Has extra morale
- Has Speed Fiend ability

- Campaign honor guard bloodthirster does not regenerate as quickly as regular one
- Loses health even more quickly when not in combat
- But does have Bloodrage and Fear Aura abilities


TD- Update new squad caps and limits

**************Imperial Guard:**************


- Techpriest Engineer built from Tactica Control
- Building is instant
- Each one costs more
- Costs one squad cap

- Imperial Guard squad cap is now 24 for infantry and 22 for vehicles

- Changes on vehicle squad cap
- Baneblade made weaker
- You can have up to three, costs 7 cap
-- A deadly endgame strategy

- Added Greater Basilisk, a static artillery from the campaign. Fires Earthshakers for free.

- Basilisk Earthshaker recharge time increased, but costs 100 power and req (from 200)

- More abilities cost some power and req, recharge times reduced


- Added Lemman Russ

- Removed some Deep Strike Squads
- Added new Deep Strike Squads

- Added new Defense Squads and structures


- AI file updated for new unit pop and costs (partial)
- AI defense regiments strenghtened at high levels



- Wraith phase shift costs Energy (except Honor Guard version)
- Cooldown reduced

- Monoliths require to be locally upgraded to perform some advanced productive functions in situ (instead of needing just one)

- Fully restored Monoliths are only considered as buildings, not vehicles (gaining more armor)
- Health regeneration significantly reduced
- Can be repaired by more scarabs


- Campaign monoliths get tougher, as the Necron fortress mission was reported as too easy.


- Added most new upgrades so the AI will use them

- BEWARE, now the necron AI is programmed to upgrade up to FOUR monoliths in very late game, and certainly will use three
(before, due to errors, it woudn't even upgrade one)



- Added giant Waaagh banner
- Can't be upgraded with guns
- Increases vehicle cap better
- Makes normal Waaagh banners cheaper

- Increased squad and vehicle cap

- Squiggoth extra costs didn't work properly, now they do.
- Squiggoth health reduced
- Squiggoth given 2 base regeneration +1 in combat
- Only repairable from one worker (from three)

- Flamers up to four from three
- Upgrade faster
- Cost more power, less requisition
td- Require Pile O' Gunz

- Bad Dok doesn't have Burna Bomb
- Fighting juice now expensive
- Bad Dok hitpoints from 500 to 850
- Regeneration 2 from 1

- Big Mek has Burna Bomb
- Burna Bomb recharge time halved


- Waaagh banner added as reinforcement (x2, 250 each)
- Mek Shop added as reinforcement (600)

TD- Added more reinforcement and Deep Strike squads

- Added Squiggoth honor guard (Nemesis bonus)
- Squiggoth honor guard is better than regular one.

- Added Looted Tank Honor Guard
- Added Fighta-Bomba Honor Guard
td- Put in campaign map


TD- Updaed AI considerations for costs and squad uses


Have ideas? Tell them.
Have comments? Make them.
But make them constructive and in tone with the project ;)

Other notes:
On this stage it isn't planned to add new races since there is no knowledge of how to apply them in campaigns, and practically all Dawn of War modding forums are gone.

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