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Eidos Montreal releases the first video developer diary for ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’, detailing the creation of the game’s various locations in the year 2027. Ready to go back to the future?

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The future depicted in Deus Ex: Human Revolution can be a scary place. People walking around with various augmentations that can make them able to shove someone’s head through a concrete wall with ease tend to be intimidating. As scary as that sounds, the future can also be a very beautiful place as seen in this first developer diary for Human Revolution discussing art design for locales.

There has been a fair share of Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay footage and trailers which delve into the game’s story, with one focusing on the protagonist Adam Jensen, whose role players assume through the game’s single player campaign. They do a great job on providing insight on what the world of 2027 looks like, but a new developer diary, titled “The World,” marks the first time Eidos Montreal has started talking about specific parts of the game in depth.

While augmentation and the political and social ramifications are an integral part of Human Revolution, the world those events takes place in is just as important and is the focus of this video developer diary. Deus Ex: Human Revolution team members Jean-Francois Dugas, Jonathan Jacques-Belletete and Mary DeMarle discuss what went in to creating the world which game protagonist Adam Jensen will be visiting throughout the game.

Eidos throwing in details on one of the side quests players will encounter in the game was a nice touch. Having to break into an apartment, sneak into potentially hostile territory, and then pose as a hitman seems like a lot of work, though. Must be no such thing as small problems in the year 2027.

As this is the first in what should be a collection of developer diaries, we’re wondering what else Eidos will be discussing in the future. No doubt, augmentations and their role in combat and non-combat situations will be discussed. Hopefully, the actual RPG aspects will be talked about, as well. No matter what Eidos chooses to talk about, fans will still have difficulty waiting for the game to release.

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Forget blue, green, or brown; this games is completely orange! Lovely.

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