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In the world of DOOM, I can use the weapon of Call of Duty: Black ops 2. Weapon motion capture of "AN - 94" "M870" "HK 416" "SIG 556" has been completed.

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This is a "testing video" of "CALL OF DOOM:BLACK OPS" MOD that I am building now.

In the world of DOOM, I can use the weapon of Call of Duty: Black ops 2.
Weapon motion capture of "AN - 94" "M870" "HK 416" "SIG 556" has been completed.


This is a new project of "CALL OF DOOM".
By using this 1 mod, I plan to make call of duty weapons "Black ops 2" "Black ops" "Ghosts" "Modern Warfare Remastered" available in the world of DOOM.

A variety of weapons and various attachments that did not appear in the "first generation CALL OF DOOM" will be available in this new project.

Current plans:

[New Systems]

Weapon look:
Pressing "Weapon look key", player checks the weapon.
By checking the weapon, weapon spec sheet will be displayed.
It becomes a reference when choosing a carrying weapon.

Selective Fire:
Pressing "Select fire key", player can change the weapon's fire-mode at any time.
Switching of "Full / Semi / Burst", Switching of Under Barrel Weapon, Switching ammunition type will be possible.
A weapon equipped with a grenade launcher or a master key shotgun or a small flame radiator can switch to it and use weapons,
Pump-action shotgun and revolver-shotgun can be used by switching to special shotgun ammunition.

Selective Scope:
Pressing "Select Scope key", players can change the function of the scope.
Weapons with hybrid scope can switch between dot site and scope.
Sniper rifles can change the zoom magnification and turn on / off the night vision device.

[List of Weapons]

*Depending on the situation, the plan might be changed.*
*I can not accept weapons requests. Because weapon motion capture work is very Ultra-Violence troublesome.*

(BO2)- From "Call of Duty:Black ops 2"
(G)- From "Call of Duty:Ghosts"
(MWR)- From "Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Remastered"
(BO)- From "Call of Duty:Black ops 1"

SLOT-1 Handguns
(BO2):FiveSeven / Tac.45 / Executioner
(G) :M9A1 / P226 / MP443 /.44Magnum
(MWR):SFA-M1911 / Desert Eagle
(BO) :ASP / M1911 / Python-Snub / CZ75-MP

(BO2):Vector K10 / Chicom CQB / Skorpion EVO3
(G) :Bizon / K7
(MWR):MP5 / Mini-UZI
(BO) :MP5K / Skorpion / SPECTRE

SLOT-3 Shotguns
(BO2):M870MCS / KSG / S12 / M1216
(G) :Bulldog / FP6 / MTS-255 / Tac 12
(MWR):W1200 / M1014

(BO2):MP7 / PDW57 / MSMC

SLOT-5 Launcher
(G) :Panzerfaust / MK32

SLOT-6 5.56mm NATO Assault Rifles
(BO2):M27(HK416) / SIG556(SWAT556) / MTAR / M8A1
(G) :SA-805 / Remington R5 / Honey Badger / ARX-160
(MWR):M16A4 / M4A1

SLOT-7 High-Power Assault Rifles
(BO2):AN-94 / Type25
(G) :AK-12/ Vepr / Maverick AR
(MWR):AK47 / AKS74u / MP44
(BO) :

(BO2):Mk.48 / LSAT / HAMR
(G) :Ameli / M27IAR / ChainSAW
(MWR):RPD / M60

SLOT-9 Battle Rifles
(G) :SC-2010 / MR-28 / MK14 EBR
(BO) :M14 / FAL

SLOT-0 Sniper Rifles
(BO2):DSR-50 / Ballista
(G) :L115 / Lynx / VKS
(MWR):M40A3 / R700 / Barrett .50cal
(BO) :WA2000 / PSG-1


wow we can switch the scope too! Impressive work looking forward to it.

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Super cool, I'm really happy to see KSG included in the list, I really like that gun. Satisfying to use and very tactical, thanks to its hybrid slug/buckshot firemodes and raw power. : D

Also I'm really impressed by how high quality the new images and animations for the guns are. That must be a lot of work to do. I'm very grateful that this effort is being put in.

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I'm excited to see Ghosts and MWR weapons as well, keep up the good work!

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The quality of the rips are amazing! Looking forward to the mod.

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Looking forward to it...

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