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Deathkings: The Return and Legend 8.43 - two Hexen flagship mods are being worked on in parallel, with one ambitious plan in mind: launch both mods mid-to-late fall 2020. Sounds like Halloween with axes and magic spells!!!

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Greetings to all Hexen and Legend fans, while the last few months i have been firmly fixed on development of "Deathkings: The Return" - the creative paths in modmaking have led me to a highly ambitious goal: to release "Deathkings: The Return (Episode 1)" SIMULTANEOUSLY with Legend: Farewell Edition, version 8.43. Goes without saying, that making two complex mods at the same time is more time-consuming and the whole process goes slower, but my plans are to launch both mods side-by-side, this upcoming fall.

Witch King's Castle...or so i was inspired :-)

Legend 8.43 will patch certain quality gaps between it and Deathkings: The Return, - but will not raise up to the expanded possibilities of the latter. And while correcting, upgrading and restructuring various overlooked elements of Legend 8.33 currently gets very challenging - especially redesigning some of the most lackluster levels that i've been avoiding for years :-) as well as solving other smaller blunders... Yet it is in Deathkings: The Return, - the sequel, i see the future of the mod. More design options, more experienced approach, less limitations by the game's vanilla flow - and the best of all: new enemy cast - i will try to get to 4 new types, two are already in place; i genuinely feel that this is the direction i've been wanting to take Hexen from the get go, i just didn't know how. I do now. And this, is going to be the future. Almost Hexen 1.5

Ramparts of the artillery gate...say what?

Inside the fort, looking down...

I have recorded a test walkthrough for the first half of the completely revamped first episode of the game, and you can check it all out in the links below. I will post the other half of the walkthrough, later, when both mods are closer to the release date.

Ruined Village:

Ruined Village remake 1

Part 1:

Part 2:


Sump remake 3

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Badlands remake 1

Part 1:

Part 2:

Stay tuned,



You are still working on your mod. Yuppie! :D

I'm looking forward to playing it.

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hexenstar Author

Absolutely. Posted the first video from the upcoming version 8.43
on my youtube channel today. Deathkings is currently on pause,
i need to catch up on the Legend's last and final version.

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